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Project Razor Sharp - Part 1
Project Razor Sharp - Part 1

© Mangesh Shirke


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Date: 26th June, 2218

Location: YDH Base Headquarters, District Riverdell

I was feeling absolutely lighter. I felt as if every cell in my body was functioning fully, and my energy levels were more than 100%. What had they injected me with…?

“Aj, jump in..!!”Wilson shouted. The moment I jumped in, the VTOL, the latest technology in aircrafts, took off, with a huge jerk. I then saw that there were 4 other people inside, with me. Instantly, I got their names with facial recognitions. Bruno, Mark, Dr Zeus and Jack. A digital graph popped out and their entire body scan, with the weapons they were carrying, came up in front my eyes. I couldn't understand what was going on. I could read their minds. I could hear what they were thinking.

A man in army uniform came in and checked my dog tagged barcode ID. "Commander Ajay Mishra, code name 'Awesome' Aj..?" he frowned at me. Why the word awesome? He doesn't look like that, he thought. I could read that.

"Myself Captain Steve. You were personally recommended to me by Dr. Evan Moretti. To brief it, you had passed the brain mapping with outstanding scores that our science team were conducting. The mission you are assigned to requires you to be like a SUPERSOLDIER. You are now injected with an advanced micro virus that has enhanced your brain with 100% abilities. You can see, hear & do all the things that more advanced than any of us. Your brain is now greater and more complex than the most advanced Supercomputers on earth.” Pointing towards my eyes, he said. “The advanced micro scanners fitted on the Retina on your eyes are connected to your brain & are helping you scan every object with precision. Remember, you’re the only one in the team with these advancements. Also, RED color scans indicates DANGER...!!You can tune them ON/OFF using your brain. OK? Now coming to your mission.."

"I know that...” Well, I was one step ahead of him. “The Northern Countries have seized our scientific labs on the Maple islands & are conducting some experiments, without our permissions. An Alpha Team was sent to investigate the scenario on the islands. My mission is to find out where the earlier Alpha team is & what experiments are being conducted down there, as our radars are picking up certain unwanted signal waves being sent up high in the space from those islands...!"

Yeaah..!That’s amazing…! How come I could think this much? Well, thanks to my new brain..!!

“We are approx. 80 klicks away towards the north. I think we will reach there in not more than …35 minutes. "

"Well, that's good..!! It means your brain's working nicely. Once we drop you there, you guys are on your own. And you need any assistance, call us. You don't need a radio for that, AJ.." he winked at me and said.

As we were dropped, the VTOL took off with a huge humming sound and within minutes, disappeared in the sky.

"Kinda spooky here..." Jack said. He was right. The entire area was covered by thick bushes and big trees, barely allowing sunlight to reach down. The scanners on my eyes revealed the Labs were around 5 klicks towards North.

Suddenly a piercing pain shoot in my head. A huge planet. A white light in the distance. A wired huge computer. Violet lights flashing all around. What's all this? Where am I?

"Commander, you OK?" Dr Zeus shook me. I came back to my senses. There I was, in the middle of this spooky island. What was that I just saw? Was it a vision of something?

We started heading towards the Main labs which were around 5 klicks deeper in the island.

Suddenly I had a thought. "Let's take the West side route. That's the safest one I can see." my team obeyed. After all, I could see what they can't.

We started heading deeper into the island. I was getting continuous info through the scanners fitted in my eyes. Suddenly the scanners flashed red. I detected a movement. A fleet of 10 soldiers suddenly appeared from the bushes, charging towards us.

" Bruno..!! At your 6'oclock..!! Jack... Incoming from 3'oclock...!!! Get your weapons on...!! Use only laser shots and target their heads using gun scanners..!!!" I shouted commands at my team. I couldn't believe it. Was my brain really working this fast..?

Instantly, Bruno and Jack took down four armed soldiers in the directions I had given.

Feeling suspicious, I got a Biograph scan on the entire area. It showed lots of hidden rocks and…RED figures hidden behind them. The scans showed they belonged to the Northern Protection Force (NPF).

"Zeus, I am radioing you certain coordinates. Use your gun and mark the laser shots at the locations marked. Someone's waiting for us in there..." I radioed him the ordinates. Instantly his gun fired up laser shots at exactly the marked locations. I heard shrieks and cries. Well, my brain helped me track down enemies. And I didn't even fire. Outstanding…!

“Switch off your Global Protocol Tracking devices. The enemies may track us using them. Activate the Heartbeat scanners mounted on your guns. They’ll help you, in case I miss something.”

Using scanners and my intuition, I finally reached the labs. The gates were open, and the entire facility was empty. The Biograph scans showed no signs of any humans. But, I felt something was wrong. How could the entire complex be vacant this way? Where are the people inside? My intuition said something was terribly wrong and I needed to be careful. I detected certain signals coming from deep in the lab. Who is sending them when the entire facility is vacant?

Suddenly a piercing pain shoot in my head. A huge planet. A white light in the distance. A wired huge computer. Violet lights flashing all around. The white light is a huge hole. I am flying somewhere in space. What's all this? Where am I?

A sound of gunfire brought me back to my senses. In an instant, the whole facility erupted into a battleground. Suddenly,NPF soldiers attacked us from all sides. Each one of us ran for cover. The Bio scan showed all the NPF soldiers firing at us marked in RED. How come they were not displayed on my scans? How did my scanners fail?

I had no time to think about it. Tagging the NPF soldiers using my scans, I sent the co-ordinates to Zeus, who fired laser shots at the exact locations and took most of them down.

“Jack, maintain your 6 o clock…!! Bruno, you guard 9’oclock..!! Zeus, check for more enemy movements around…!!! I am tagging them and sending you the co-ordinates…!! Use your laser shots to take them down...!”

I fired down commands to my team. Tagging all the enemies, I immediately sent the co-ordinates to Zeus and Jack, who took them down instantly. I wasn’t using my weapon, I was guiding my team properly. Within minutes, I took all of them down. Well, that’s great teamwork..!

As we entered the facility, still something’s weren’t making sense. Why did my scanners fail? Why was I getting the visions? What experiments were being conducted at the facility? The answers probably lied in the facility itself, I thought. Jack & Zeus were investigating the other respective labs.

“Commander, you’ll like to take a look here.” Bruno’s voice brought me to my senses. I looked where Bruno was pointing. Two humans were lying there, probably lifeless. The Bio scan indicated they were the doctor’s team of NPF. They lost their lives & no signs of violence were detected on their body. What could have killed them? What caused the facility to be left alone?

Suddenly I got a thought. I located the main server and started accessing it using one of the terminal computers. As I had developed a superbrain, I never required to hack down systems. As I scanned through the software, the information displayed took me by shock.

“The NPF soldiers had the same Bio scanners fitted in their eyes as I have, Jack.” I said.

“Probably that’s the reason your scanners couldn’t locate them when we entered the facility. They made themselves invisible from you.” Jack replied.

“That’s right..but…..” Again I was taken aback.

“There are a set of deleted messages that were being sent to some location.” Checking the computer, the output that displayed again was a shock to me. The messages were being sent to OUR headquarters.

“It means SOMEONE from our facility is directly in contact with these people. Now who’s that...”

“Commander….Have a look at this…” Zeus gave me a canister. It was made of glass and was empty.

Suddenly a piercing pain shoot in my head. A huge planet. A white light in the distance. A wired huge computer. Violet lights flashing all around. The white light is a huge hole. I am flying somewhere in space. I couldn’t see the source of light. What’s happening?

Again the vision. This time a bigger one.

“We need to find out what exactly is going on here.” I said, standing up. “And most importantly, who’s that from our base helping these people”


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