Art Of Reading.

Art Of Reading.

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"So you are not coming for the movie?" Sana asked Udit for one more time.

"No, you go, I'm reading", he replied.

"You and your boring hobby of reading.." 

"Oh please! Don't you dare call reading, a boring hobby. It is much more fun than watching a movie.", He interrupted.

"Reading is much more fun than watching a movie, you must be joking, right?", She mocked.

No, I'm not joking. It's just that you haven't experienced the pleasure of reading. He replied calmly. 

So can you explain, how can one get pleasure in reading novels? She asked.

"See, it gives you the luxury of transporting to an imaginary world and falling in love for the people who don't even exist. Moreover, it's not just about reading novels, I date them!" He stared.

"Yeah, a poor guy like you who don't have a girlfriend in his twentieth can date a book only." She teased!

"Go to hell! I am not explaining anything to you." He busted!

"Calm down! Calm down! I was just teasing. So explain, how you date a book?" She asked.

"I imagine myself as one of the characters of the book, be it be the protagonist or an antagonist as I start reading a book. ," he said.

"And why do you do that?" She asked.

"It lets me connect with the characters of the book easily and travel the world without moving an inch. And there are times when I get so mesmerized in the words that I shed tears for these characters" He replied.

"Hmm. So it helps you to finish the whole book within a day or two?" She asked.

"No, I don't read a novel in one go. Just two or three chapters every day." He replied.

"But some of my friends read a novel within two days. Isn't it adventures?" She asked.

"Indeed! it is. I was also used to the same habit. But reading two or three chapters at a time and living in the suspension of what will happen next, has its own pleasure and I found this more amusing! In my free time, I have a habit of checking about the whereabouts of the authors in social media. And if possible, I attend their book events. It keeps me connected to their books and them as well." Udit spoke in one go.

"So this is how you date a book!"

Yes! And it's not only about getting lost in an imaginary world but also about understanding the different shades of life better.

Sana was amazed at the art of reading of Udit and instantly asked Udit to give him a masterpiece to read. She didn't go to movie and from that day she also joined the pleasure of reading.

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