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Alina's Wish
Alina's Wish

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Alina was the only child of her parents. She belonged to a rich family. She had all the luxuries any one would want. Her parents fulfilled all her wishes. Alina always wanted a sibling. Her parents could not fulfill her wish this time.

She was a cheerful girl. She did not show her sadness to her parents. One fine day she went for a walk. She had gone deep into the forest. Because she was in her deep thoughts. She had lost her way back to home. A boy named Rohan crossed her way. She asked for help. Rohan helped her in finding the way back to home.

Aline went back and narrated this incident to her parents. The next day Rohan was offered money by her parents as a reward. But he refused the offer. He said that he helped Alina because Alina resembled his dead sister, The poor fellow had a sister, who died in disaster. He was an orphan. Alina felt symphathetic towards Rohan. Later Rohan and Alina become best friends.

Alina felt happy when she came to know that Rohan was adopted by a rich family. But her happiness was shattered when she came to know that Rohan had to leave the place forever. Poor Alina had come to invite Rohan to her birthday party. But left with a broken heart and teary eyes without inviting him.

She was really sad. She did not enjoy her birthday party. Her parents had brought a special gift for her. She was made to close her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she got the best birthday present ever. Rohan was in front of her. Tears of happiness rolled down her eyes. Rohan was adopted by her parents. She had found a brother, finally. Alinas wish was fulfilled.


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