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Life Ascendancy is Splendifero
Life Ascendancy is Splendifero

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It was the gala day as it was the first day of the school for Kathie and her sister was elder than her named as Askant. They both were in the same boat. But they were disciplined, stupendous, studious and talented girls with root and branch. As a brittle of glass, Kathie sometimes behaves bizarre with her family and friends. She was not having any idea that she was as silly as a goose. On the first day of the school she tries to make many friends and she went talking to many lads. Her class is all set to go for the whole day.

The most eternal surprising thing about Kathie is that she is having good understanding with her teachers.

She ponders that, " Errors Like Straws Over The Surface Flow, One Who Is In Search If Truth Must Dive Below".

Her friends are like a life buzzer who shriek in her ears. The day is all good for her and she wishes to be a have of the society and wants to live away from her parents and for this she feels that first deserve and then desire. She was a girl who is envious and she can go to any height to make her aim and ambitions true. The school is about to get off and her all friends rush to their ways. She went to her home by walking and it took her twenty five minutes to reach there.

Actually she observes each and everything very minutely, she sees a milkman fetching milk from the cow which she will get around 3'o clock. She sees a small baby monkey in mother monkey's lap.The incident which shatters her is she glances at a lady beating her son terribly and she has thrown his books and him by kicking them off. At the first flush she is," HAHA and ROFL", the arrogant lady makes his son black and blue from top to bottom. By seeing through Kathie rushes to her home to show a clean pair of heels. She shouts at the top of her voice in the wake of some disturbances in her neighbourhood. Her mother Mrs. Brie is totally perplexed that what is wrong with Kathie today. Kathie is in a stage to oblivion and that incident nerded her to be pessimistic towards mother as before it also she behaves bizarrely.

She talks to her father about her first day at school and by all means he tries to convince Kathie that mothers are always right but she was not accepting the fact with heart and soul. She goes to her room and talks to her sister about her first at school. She says,' I don't like scary mother as mine, she doesn't look herself and always tries to figure me out that I am useless creature on this earth. Damn! .She has never praised me for my work and always do Juda's kiss. Its better to stay away from her. One day when I will leave her for loaves and fishes then she will understand." On the other hand her sis pays no attention to her bullshit talks. Askant asked her not to make a mountain of a mole hill and let bygones be bygones. Kathie goes to her room and she cries terribly. But her mother was a working woman that could not be understood by Kathie and she was in her own dreamy world having lot of grudges for her family. After 11years there is a malevolent and drastic change.......

Now Kathie is full of beauty, style and elegance that could make over like other beauties of this heaven. Kathie is now enough mature and have many friends including some lads as well. Now her sister and her father are in 🇦🇺 Australia as her sister has got transfered to another country and her father is there to help her out. Kathie got selected among a group of students who gonna be there in the University of Texas, Arlington, U.S.A🇺🇸for some research work for coming next 6 months. Her all friends 👭👬 were done by their visa process but Kathie was not as she haven't told her mother although she need her help yet she haven't informed her and now she is scrounging and scrolling for help.

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