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College Days
College Days

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"Tie up your answer sheets, last five minutes left", the invigilator said as the warning bell rang.

He was writing the last answer when he heard those words from the invigilator. He tried to continue but could not. His hands froze, he could not believe that he was writing his last exam of graduation. And the entire three years of his graduation started running around his head.

From filling the application form to getting admission. From roaming for PG to changing flats. From cursing college to suddenly loving it. From the energetic fresher's party to the emotional farewell. From the cultural fests to the dreadful tests. From boring lectures to crazy friends. From the empty classrooms to the crowded canteen. From love at first sight to a new crush at every fortnight. From the first sip of beer to the hangover. From the house party to the late night outs. From the teachers to the guard. From getting college id to getting it punched. From the horrible presentation to the proxy attendance. From the mass bunks to the devastating results. And from the first exam to the last exam.

And with moist eyes, he submitted his incomplete last answer sheet.

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