Krishna Mehta

Drama Romance


Krishna Mehta

Drama Romance

Was It Worth It?

Was It Worth It?

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I hope there comes a day when we sit together, again.

I will ask my parents to leave. They will hesitate with the idea of leaving me alone under your care. But they would read my eyes and give us the moment I need.

There will be tubes and wires attached to my chest and the view from my bed would not be of an ocean but buildings.

I will say "view isn't much but at least it gives me a hope that I will be out again."

You will look at me with confusion.

Then you'll ask "Does it hurt?"

I will look at you and think 

"Ever since you left."

But my reply will be "oh, not really. But I don't think I will live through this. The doctor says I'm fine."

You will settle down into chair next to me. We will start having small talks before I say "It took me three years and a terrible accident to bring you back in my life."

And then I hope to hear you say

"Was it worth it?"

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