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Arnav c



Arnav c


Stand Up

Stand Up

2 mins 500 2 mins 500

Ah! the world outside consumed in its gloom

Waiting and waiting to succeed before its doom,

But one man apart from the oceans of crowds,

Has one thought in his mind, swirling around,

And he waits and waits for the time to come when he says it aloud.

And when the time comes he says it aloud and it sounds like:-

The crowds I see outside my window

Working like machines, on a command or a lure for mellow

Functioning for life, then falling like a hive

Broken, broken, broken

But they never know what lies beyond,

Beyond the chains which bind them,

The chains which scarred their hands and numbed em’

There lie the nitwit doom and the most priced fame.

Some people that go ‘beyond’ experience either of the two in their game

Or end up trying even if they were lame.

People who live out of box actually live,

People who think different are the ones living

The population of the world actually is only a few hundredths living

Only a few hundredths living and giving the world,

What only a ‘few’ can see.

These are the people who see gold where everyone sees nothing.

Nothing, nothing nothing,

There is no word like it

Cause the whole world erupted from it.

Figure it up and it will chew your brains

Grind it up into fine grains,

It will be too copious to count,

Either equal to the hair in your nose

Or equal to clouds in a rose.

At last, I wanna say,

There is nothing in this world to make you gay

Or tear you up and make you pay

Unless you create such a haphazard as people say.

Stand up, and up out of the crowd,

If the crowd flows south, flow north,

If the crowd laughs on you because you are different,

Laugh on them because they are nothing much but someone silent.

You are you

The game is yours,

C’mon lets get set for the chores

As life’s difficult to the core

And then you stand up to the crowds and say:-

This is it, or have you got more?

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