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When Scufi Asked....

When Scufi Asked....

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The phase dwelled from the dead of night, 

When owl gazed in the feeble light. 

The bustling sky was in a freezing rustle, 

When woods discerned the falling tears. 

Her pearly tear rolled down and down, 

Till the moon glanced with frown. 

"The tears disgraced your charming face. "

Uttered the moon out of sorts. 

She wailed, love is arduous with stones in lane

My heart is shattered and I'm in pain. 

And asked Why love is sweet but nourishing is grieve, 

Can love linger without an owe? 

Love is trial, entangled with grief

Testing your loyalty, sincerity and belief. 

No gold can shine without being blazed

Love is rose having thorns embed. 

Neither appearance nor material justifies the intensity

What counts is the commitment, transparency, and honesty. 

#seedhibaat love is pure, love is eternal

Answered the moon when scufi asked. 

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