Home - Key For Togetherness

Home - Key For Togetherness

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Every house becomes a lovely home,

When the inmates are always heartsome.

Love is the key for the man and woman's bond,

An amazing child takes this union further beyond.

Husband and wife and two sides of the same coin,

Their togetherness will never make husband and wife to enjoin.

Husband makes the home,

Wife maintains and completes the home.

If the Mother is happy,

Children will never stay unhappy.

If the Mother and Father are quarrelsome,

Then the Children will always feel cumbersome.

There will be a difference of opinion,

That should not ruin the romantic reunion.

Life of a child without both parents is troublesome,

To overcome this sad stage is very gruesome worrisome.

Husband and wife are important for every home,

Welcoming the affection for each other is always awesome.

Everyone has the Home - Key of togetherness,

The affectionate love is the main key for happiness!

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