Shreyas Gholase

Abstract Comedy Children


Shreyas Gholase

Abstract Comedy Children

Childly Innocence

Childly Innocence

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A mom and her child, 

Wandered in the park,

With their backs to the wild,

Who continuously bark.

The child saw a candy,

Builds up a thrill,

Which was only,

A desire not to spill.

He recalled,

His mom's promise,

To get afford,

A candy-like tatamis;

Only when sick,

And is bed skeptic.

Abruptly his mom sagged,

Making a silent cry,

Which a drifter gagged.

She laid on the berth,

Body stock-still

With the idle earth.

The child steadily whimpered,

To which the unknown implored;

To stop,

And let the reason pop.


That did impart;

"Mommy will now eat candy,

What about me.

This is a trick,

To pick;

A child with innocence,

And a lot of essences."

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