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Dr. Prafulla K. Panda

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Undying Spirit

Undying Spirit

1 min 239 1 min 239

This callous time

Terrifies me and draws a circle around

To shut me in

Waiting has become worth disgusting

When from such sickness I'm suffering

Preventing me from-

Basking in the morning sun

Or, sleeping in the lap of the moon in the terrain

Or, gathering happiness from the fresh drops of rain

Or, stepping into the conference for an opinion;

But, you can't deter me-

Running into the kitchen

And wiping the sweat from the brows of my queen

By locking her in my arm to whisper

That love like a spark still grows in this pent-up heart

And hops like an obstinate brat

Where her smooches lead me to wonderland

And my cuddles help it grow and stand

Or, you can't stop me-

Going down my age to play

Hide and seek

Or to my scion, if life's lessons I do teach

Or, listening to the musings that my inner-self sings.

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