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Ignite the reading passion in kids this summer & "Make Reading Cool Again". Use CHILDREN40 to get exciting discounts on children's books.

Prakash Rao



Prakash Rao


Wild Imagination

Wild Imagination

3 mins

How would have these distinguished leaders or statesmen reacted & responded to COVID -19 had they been alive or vice versa (had COVID-19 outbreak taken place during their lifetime)

● Smt Indira Gandhi : 

"My dear countrymen, the time has come for us to take an extreme step and sacrifice our lives for the ultimate good & prosperity of India (remember India is Indira). 

Let us expose the "majority" to the COVID-19 virus so that the virus will get weakened in the process and as a result, the remaining population ("minorities") are spared and saved from viral infection. 

My idea is to shield & protect the "disadvantaged" sections of people. In order to implement this step, I need a free hand without any resistance whatsoever.

Hence I declare Emergency rule with immediate effect. Jai hind, Jai hind, Jai hind"!

● Rajiv Gandhi : 

"Hum COVID-19 ko naani ki yaad dilayenge". We won't keep quiet, we are not cowards. I am a true & peaceful pilot. It is time to send the "Indian Peace Keeping Force" to all hot-spot destinations and red zones.

I shall also introduce or implement "Nashabandi" with immediate effect. Jai India, Jai Indira!

● Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru: " Fellow comrades & Congress friends, while the country is reeling under unforeseen crisis, unfortunately, I have been put under strict isolation for 40 days in a quarantine room due to the symptoms that I developed while/after dining with Mountbattens (was this a conspiracy ? I am not sure).

However, I will spearhead the movement from my isolation room by writing 2 books which will be titled :

1. Discovery of Corona

2. My experiments with a bitter truth: Coronial rule in India

● Shri Mahatma Gandhi :

"Mere pyare Bharat vaasiyon, let us deal with COVID-19 outbreak in a peaceful manner; let us adopt a non-violent approach to defeat or drive away from the virus; let us not use hand sanitizers which will kill germs, bacteria & other innocent viruses along with Coronavirus; instead let us wear ethnic & indigenous hand gloves; let us also go for indigenous or swadeshi face masks; let us take a pledge to boycott all Chinese goods & items in totality. 

I shall undertake "Mandi March" in the national capital (Delhi) from India gate to Connaught Place for a total boycott of Chinese test kits, Chinese taps, Chinese caps, Chinese apps, Chinese food, and Chinese Virus. Mera Bharat Mahaan !

● Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam :

"My dear youth of the country, the urgent need for all of you is to visit all schools & educational institutions located in rural areas and backward places so as to educate students and children about the potency of COVID -19, preventive measures, safety aspects, cleanliness, personal hygiene, diet, etc; this is not the time to be grounded; this is not the time to be in isolation.

We need to fly high or soar high in the Indian skies with our "wings of fire" so that the invisible core-missile will not be able to reach us or touch us.

Let us remain untouchables from coronavirus !!

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