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Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.

Where Is The Rat

Where Is The Rat

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Today he will get caught, she said sliding the balcony door. He is munching all my organic veggies and freshly prepared cheese. His combination of squeaky, hissing and chattering sound disturbs my sleep, she said to herself.

He isn't here, escaped. I guess he is a clever rat. He is eating my cheese but not getting caught in the trap. I will catch him tomorrow!

Phew, she sipped her coffee sitting on the couch. He, the puny rat saw her from behind.

He is two months old and a resident of Tara's pent house since two years. Four families have changed in these two years but he and his family have settled here and he likes Tara the most because:

She cooks tasty food.

She grows organic veggies.

She isn't home half the day.

She has a room size aquarium with colourful fish and green plants.

She is an aquaphonic student and he loves that profession!

After working out heavily, she climbed upstairs and he followed her slowly. Her pink flip-flops with whale stickers caught his attention. His mother has warned him not to be close with humans but he was attracted to Tara because she stepped inside the house when he was born.

Tara changed the water and separated the fry from parent betta. Followed which she fed the other fishes: golden, angel, guppy, cat fish, shark, dory, tank cleaner and the list goes on. He saw her working meticulously and the fry was about to hatch any moment. He bends down to see how the fry is turning into a baby and splash!!!

What was it! Tara turned back. He was swimming in the green water filled with floating plants. He was not able to move. He struggled and somehow managed to come out. But he needed someone’s help.

Help me Tara! Help me, he squeaked. She turned but didn’t look down. See down, help me, he screamed. She once again turned back but he went inside.

Third time, this is my final chance, he said to himself. From deep below he tried to take a huge leap and she saw him. “How did you get in here"? Come out baby, she said and pulled him out.

He was shivering and she made him dry using her dupata. Are you feeling better?

She is a good human. She is not like my mother said, he thought. She could have left me to die as I have eaten her veggies and cheese but she didn't.

She let him sit on the cement slap and kept some food for him to munch.

"Are you the little one escaping from me so long", she asked him.

It would definitely be you! Mr Naughty!

I was waiting to see you for so long and now you're in front of me little brat. Eat the veggies and cheese but watch your steps. I won’t be here always to help you.

As she said, her phone buzzed. She started talking on the call and was excited to share the incident of how she saved the little rat and he munched the nuts looking at her. Thereon the rat and Tara became good friends and he turned out to be her first pet officially!!

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