The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW


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Children Stories Fantasy Others

We Will Win!

We Will Win!

4 mins

Interview of an Innocent with God / Nature - on Corona

I have never seen such a situation in my life. Maybe, I might have seen in some fantasy movies. But today the situation is real. I pinched myself many times. So that I will get up from my sleep and get relieved of this ‘corona virus threat’.

But in vain.

For about 780 Crores of people - the world has become a scary place today.

I asked God:

‘Oh God.. (if you don’t believe in God replace it with “Nature”) Please answer my questions:

What went wrong?

Where it went wrong?

Why is it so?

Who did it?

Who is responsible for this?

Also, I have the following apprehensions in my mind:

-   May I be losing the happy days spent with my parents, spouse, children, grand


-   May I be losing my friends..?!

-   May I be losing the enjoyments of Literary Works, Tour, Temple..?!

-   May I be losing the entertainments like Reading Books, Cricket, Football, Movies..?!

God stopped me:

“Hey.. please wait..” And HE started asking me questions and our conversation went on as follows:

-   You know that Science says ‘For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction!’

Isn’t it?

-   Yes God

-   Do you know that ‘Theethum Nanrum Pirar Tara Vaaraa’ – meaning “The Good and

The Bad cannot be given by others (to you)”.

(As told by a Tamil Poet Kaniyan Poonkunranaar of ‘sangam period’) 

-   Yes, God, I have read..

-   Do you know that you Reap what you Sow

-   Sure God..

-   Do you know the meaning of this verse from Bhagavat Gita - ‘Do your Duty without expecting anything in Return’! 

-   Yes, God..

-   You know that all the Holi Books are preaching ‘gnaya’ and ‘dharma’ for the peaceful

existence of humanity.

-   Yes God..

-   Do you know that all the Creatures and species on this Earth should live a peaceful life

and nature has allotted exclusive territories for them?

-   Yes God

-   Do you know that Humanity and other liveware should co-exist along with the

Nature, for their well being?

-   Yes God

‘Well – the God continued. ‘If you know all the above, then ’today’s status’ is, the outcome

of the effect of the above being

-   Iignored

-   Not followed

-   Not realised

-   Not acted upon

-   Not adhered to

and so on.

‘So..! God..’ I intervened and asked, ‘Do you mean that today’s sufferings are the results of the above actions of human beings!’

‘Dear friend, there exists Scientific, Materialistic, Environmental, Undoubtedly Established Valid Reasons for the existence of today’s Corona Threat. But, along with that, certain behaviours of the human kind without morality should also be taken into account for this. See the list below’:

-   Who Cheats, adulterates, earns multifold profits?

-   Who blocks the eligible profit that should go to the Farmers of the Country?

-   Who has earned money through bribe and corruption?

-   Who acted against the well being of the people?

-   Who has trespassed the exclusive territories of other creatures, like the Forests, Water

Bodies, Open Space and became the source for the disappearance of many species.

-   Who goes on converting the Jungles to Concretes and destroy the Nature?

-   Who meddle with the natural resources and pollutes the environment?

-   Who occupied the living places of the Elephants, Deers, Peacocks etc., and gave

threat to their life – And who in turn complains, as if these species are the threats to

people when they are coming out in search of food and water?

‘The one single answer for all these questions is HUMAN BEINGS!. Do you agree or not?’ God asked.

‘How can I deny that God. But not all are involved in such activities…’ I replied

‘Oh.. OK. Only SOME are involved! But is it not the responsibility of OTHERS to take effort to stop such activities..’

‘God. At this juncture what we can do..’ I humbly asked HIM.

The God Continued:

Your Central Government and all the State Governments throughout the Country are doing exemplary works in controlling the Virus Spread. The people are sincerely following the Lock-down, Social Distancing, Face masking, Hand Washing, etc., The world Scientists are at their Best to bring out the Vaccine for the Virus at the earliest. The Spritual People are immersed in praying for the Great Relief.

Along with above, people should also determine to

-   Put an end to cheating, adulteration, multifold profits.

-   Ensure the fully justified profit to the hard working FARMERS – who are The Food

Providing Gods (FPG) of the Country.

-   Never pay/receive bribe

-   If improper money exists, return back to the country / poor people.

-   Never fall a prey to corruptions, scams and scandals.

-   Never act against Nature for any reason

Dear friend, your Country is capable of doing outstanding deeds. You do have Eminent People and Stalwarts in various fields. They are capable of giving wonderful and powerful solutions.

And along with that, majority of the people of your Country are Spiritual, have high morality and afraid of ‘gnaya’ and ‘dharma’. They are bold to do anything for the fame. But they are afraid of slander. They are afraid of the curse in any form. They are afraid of their consciousness.

With all these in line, don’t worry!

You Will Win!

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