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Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

Kinjal Arun

Children Stories Drama Fantasy


Kinjal Arun

Children Stories Drama Fantasy

Was It Our Aura???

Was It Our Aura???

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The summer vacations have begun. The days are longer and hotter but the mercury dips a few degrees by nightfall. Lying down on the terrace, gazing at the night sky, the stars were glittering like scattered space dust. The chirping of the crickets were the only other sounds apart from us breathing. 

‘Why not go for a long drive tomorrow... It’s Sunday and the weather is also perfect', said Chandni as she jumped up from the mat. ‘That’s an excellent idea mamma', chimed in an equally adorable Baby Chandni. Her mummy's total replica, Tara would always sing her mummy's song. ‘Have you got any destination on mind', I wondered aloud. ‘We shall decide that along the way' said Tara as she walked towards the door, ’and Tara let’s go to bed, else we would not be getting up on time... It’s always nice to leave early in the morning'. Tara kissed me good night as she danced her way to the bedroom. 

The glittering sun rays spread the various hues of shiny silvers and gold. A gentle breeze and the cacophony of mynas... It seemed like a perfect day for an outing. Tara was all set in her pink and white sneakers. Chandni had already packed some sandwiches and lemonade. I had my playlist all set as we set off on our drive.

‘How about that hilltop trek which has a Devi temple atop?? That friend of mine, Reshma has been saying about the place for a long... She said that it was a very beautiful 13th-century temple', said Chandni as we hit the main road. ‘Yes, Papaaa...’ came my baby’s high pitched reply. ‘As you say, my Lord. I nodded happily. ‘Please set the location on the GPS'.

We arrived at the base of the hills by driving through some very picturesque sceneries. We climbed uphill. The steps were cut out from big stones. Tara was famished by the time we reached the top. Chandni was panting hard too. We took a small break under the mango tree before proceeding to explore the place. The air was exceptionally cool even though it was past noon. The place gave a very desolate and spooky vibe. While Tara and I chased the squirrels and climbed the trees, Chandni was admiring the architecture style of the temple. ‘The Devi idol is so beautiful. The eyes seem so real as though they are looking at me. Her face has a mystic glow to it...’ said Chandni without taking her eyes off the idol. Large twisted tree roots have forced their way into the building causing the wooden beams to split weakening the structure. How there were once flowers growing along the temple walls, they have since wilted and died to be replaced by parasitic plants. The entire structure was dilapidated. 

Having spent a day there, as the sun was meeting the sea, we proceeded downwards back to the car park. It was then that we heard a feeble meow. My cat-lover Tara had her ears perked up? She had to find the cat. Looking around the place, we saw a pair of green eyes staring at us from behind the bushes. An adorable grey kitten, she had her left hind leg injured. 

‘Papa, let’s take her home. She is injured and alone' cried my Princess Tara. This time it was Chandni who supported her baby, ‘Yes dear. The kitty is small and injured. How can we leave her alone here? What if some bigger animal hurts her??’ As always the mother-daughter duo won and we decided to take her home. Tara wrapped the kitty in Chandni's stole as we walked down. Tara kept telling sweet nothings to the kitty as if trying to make the kitty comfortable. As we were driving back homewards, ‘ we will call her Aura', came Tara's declaration. Both of us happily nodded. Along the way, we visited the vet to check on Aura's limb. It was a simple fracture and would heal soon. The vet put on a plaster and we were good to go. On reaching home, Tara made comfortable bedding for Aura beside her bed. 

As days passed by, Tara and Aura showed close bonding. Tara started getting a little more responsible too. Keeping her room tidy and the toys back in the bin, finishing her homework without Chandni having to create a ruckus over it… to name a few. Her world started revolving around Aura. The guilt that we did not give Tara a sibling seemed to wane away. Tara had started getting pretty daring too. Climbing trees, jumping from heights, making a monkey bar out of her swings… it was all quite unnerving for Chandni. Tara did not enjoy going out with her friends anymore. It was just Aura for her.

Days passed by. The sky opened up and the scattered showers made way for the oceans to the dropdown. The rain had appeared out of the clear blue skies. Aura’s limb had completely healed and she was a lively and playful kitty. 

One morning, Chandni was drying clothes on the balcony. Tara and Aura were playing on the ledge. ‘The floor is wet Tara, you might slip and fall', but Chandni's words fell on deaf ears. ‘Mammaa…, we are good. We will be careful’, came the reply as they continued their game. Of late, even Aura would just stare at her, if Chandni would reproach Tara. The floor was indeed wet and slippery due to the rains. Tara lost her footing and fell. Chandni turned around hearing her scream, and what she saw left her voiceless. 

Though Tara fell, she did not hit the ground. She was kind of floating or balancing mid-air. Aura was on the ledge and her eyes seemed strangely glowing. Her green eyes seemed like emitting some golden glow. Tara slowly landed on the ground. She was unscared but unscathed. It was like she knew her Aura wouldn’t let any harm befall her. ‘Yayyy!!! That was fun Aura, let's do it again’, screamed Tara as she ran back upstairs. Chandni was feeling dizzy. She thought she was hallucinating. ‘Is this even possible!?’ pondered Chandni. But there was this voice in her telling her not to worry. She scooped up Tara and hugged her right. ‘mamma, you are squeezing me, lemme go...’said Tara as she jumped out of Chandni's embrace and ran away. 

Chandni called me up and asked to come home immediately. When she narrated the entire incident, It took me a couple of minutes to realise that Aura wasn’t an ordinary kitty. The temple visit memories flashed on my mind. That place had an air of spookiness around it. There were stories and testimonies about the strange experiences that many people have shared. It was just that I found it all quite irrational. But today’s incident kind of woke me up from my drunken stupor. It would be an exaggeration if I said that I had started believing in miracles and supernaturalism. I stared at the kitty and she stared back with her cutesy green eyes as though she had nothing to do with anything that happened around. I was sure of it that Aura could never bring any harm to us. She was our family. But we had to find the truth behind all this. I, a total non-believer of all tantriks and occults had started thinking in those lines. 

We decided against sending away the kitten as she saved the apple of our eyes. They seemed to share a strong bonding. My husband and I contemplated various options. We weren’t able to think straight. Chandni was so fatigued that she fell asleep. Hearing Chandni mumbling in her sleep, brought me out of my thoughts. I tried to wake her up. 

She slowly opened her eyes and exclaimed, ‘how come we are here?? We were at that temple right... The same spookiness. We went inside the sanctum sanctorum. The idol was beautifully decorated. You know right, how much faith I have in Shakti. As I was admiring her beauty, I felt the idol wink at me. I thought I was losing my mind. I started hearing sounds. The Devi was talking to me. The voice calmed me. I felt relaxed. She said that all questions need not necessarily have answers. And all explanations need not be understandable. I stood rooted there. She also said that Tara and Aura shared a bonding from their past lives. They would always look out for each other in times of need. There was no need for any worry. I felt relaxed. It’s all sorted. Don’t worry.’ It was my turn to be shocked. I couldn’t digest even a bit of her reasoning. ‘Lemme gets us some tea', said Chandni as she walked towards the kitchen. 

As she walked towards the kitchen, she paused to look at the Idol in our pooja ghar. She winked at the Shakti and walked towards the kitchen with a bounce in her steps. I could only smile at myself and nod helplessly.

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