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Two Flowers And A Butterfly

Two Flowers And A Butterfly

3 mins

Once upon a time, in a small garden somewhere in a remote corner of the world, a human planted a flower pot. With care and nurturing the plant bore a couple of flower buds.

"Cute", thought the human. He knew once the buds blossom they would stay that way for exactly seven days.

Meanwhile, closeby, a caterpillar was blossoming too, into the most gorgeous butterfly one would ever see.

It so happened that the day the flower sisters decided to blossom was the same day when the caterpillar blossomed as well getting a new lease of life as a very beautiful butterfly.

The butterfly after being born felt extremely hungry, he felt like he had not eaten anything in decades and that was when he heard someone call him.

He looked around. It was the flower sisters.

"Oh poor boy, you look so hungry, we have food for you!"

"Hey, both! Thanks but if you give all your food, won't you lose your vitality?"

The flower sisters giggled.

"Life is all about giving, my friend. We will live for exactly 7 days, you know before we die. In this short time, we wish to be of some help to someone."

"Oh! So but what can I give you in return, dears? I have nothing!"

"Ask the human who planted us, what do you have! You contribute too much to the garden's beauty just by being here! When humans admire the garden, they not only admire the flowers, but also the butterflies! All of us contribute value to this ecosystem, my friend!"

"Oh! Sorry, you both are so wise!" 

By now he had started flying near them sucking the nectar from each.

"Delicious food! When did you prepare?"

"Oh! We started cooking the moment the sun shone this morning. He provided all the ingredients. I hope you like it!"

"Oh yes, yummy! Please convey my thanks to Mr. Sun as well. Else I would have found it difficult to survive!"

"Oh, sure!"

Meanwhile, they all witnessed a big fight in the adjacent home. Two humans were fighting with each other for some curious reason.

The flower sisters were curious.

"Hey butterfly, can you tell me what's going on there? Why do humans always tend to fight?"

"Sure, let me go, check."

The butterfly flew away and listened to the conversation between the two humans.

"Moron, you are so greedy! You ate all of the pie, left nothing for me?"

"Why would I? Why would I keep? What have you done for me anyway? And don't you dare call me names anyway!"

"Oh! So all the help I did count for nothing?"

"I don't remember anything you did for me! No!"

And with this, they started fighting with each other.

The butterfly had had enough. He flew back to the flowers and narrated what he had heard.

The flower sisters were listening silently and then one of them said,

"They behave as if they are going to live forever! The essence of life is in sharing and caring. What's up with all this selfishness anyway!"

The butterfly didn't have an answer. He resumed feeding himself. 

"Have some more", one flower said.

"No come here now, you have had enough from there!", the other said.

The butterfly chuckled.

"Ladies, I am nearly full. I have tasted the food prepared by you both and it's delicious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Our pleasure, dear. There is no greater good in this world than feeding the hungry. Thank you for accepting our food."

The humans meanwhile were still fighting over the pie and the spilled milk.

Selfishness had taken the place of empathy. 

They were created by nature but now were miles away from the natural instincts of love, share, and care.

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