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Trekking of Savita

Trekking of Savita

2 mins

Savita got a notification for a tour to the Blue Hills. She got ticket for visiting the tour. She is 32 year old and doing her B. A. She doesn't have much friends as they others think she is too old for them.

Savita doesn't mingle with others so much and is quiet always.

She couldn't pursue her exams as she had been forced to marry.

Savita hesitated to go for the tour at first but she knew it's a educational tour to know about the history and learn new things, she packed her bags and left for the tour.

She sat in bus and nobody sat next to her until Surabhi a famous college student didn't get a seat. Surabhi was famous at college and had many friends.

On the way, Surabhi started speaking to Savita and learnt they share love for dancing. Savita showed her some of the dance videos from back in her college days, Surabhi was surprised to see her moves. They spoke alot and knew rach other quite well. Savita was happy to have a friend.

They reached the destination and lodged into their hotels, Surabhi and 2 other girls shared room with Savita and they came close to her as well.

The next day they got ready for trekking. The boys at first made fun of her telling it's for young people and not for above 30's. Savita didn't give a ear to their words and headed for trekking, slowly the girls and boys saw she is active and excited for trekking compared to them, they learnt age cannot be a bar for friendship and they trekked the hills together and saw the sunset as well.

Surabhi told others about how she is having good dancing skills and have many things in common.

They said Sorry to Savita for their behavior and she forgave them and were friends.

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