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The Unexpected Twist In Tale

The Unexpected Twist In Tale

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Kumud Gupta closed her eyes as she reminisced the events of the past. Her life was a living hell. Her husband Rajesh was in jail on the charges of graft. Her neighbors avoided talking to her ever since the police handcuffed her husband. Her son Kunal had joined Sir JJ college of Fine Arts in Mumbai. He was studying in the second year of BFA in painting. He knew nothing of his father's imprisonment. Kumud did not want her son to lose focus in studies. That is why she never told him about his father's arrest. Her daughter Preeti eloped with her lover Anup and married him. Kumud and Rajesh immediately disowned her.

She wanted her son to be a doctor or an engineer. He preferred joining Arts. She thought that the arts stream was only for girls. She argued with him for days together.She had to give in to his demands. He told her clearly that he wasn't interested in science or commerce. He said he would flunk his exams if she got him admission in either of them. Kunal got his wish fulfilled.

Rajesh got arrested within six months of Kunal's admission. Kumud was disgusted to know that he had leaked his company's confidential reports to a rival firm. She was a woman of principle. Her parents had raised her with discipline and moral values. Rajesh was expecting Kumud to get him released on bail. Two days later Kumud came to visit him with a lawyer.

He had a rude shock. His jaw dropped in surprise on seeing the divorce papers. Kumud said," You must be curious to know the reason behind my action. You betrayed your company of twenty-five years for money. What is the guarantee that you won't abandon your family? I stand by my decision of severing ties with you. I can't tolerate treachery and debauchery. People like you have always taken women for granted. If you think I can't live without you, you are mistaken. I don't want to be known as a traitor's wife. Goodbye forever." The police applauded her for her bold decision. She stomped out of the police station with a smile on her face. She felt the vibration of her mobile in her handbag. She took out her mobile and attended the call.

Kunal's principal said," Mrs.Gupta, I request you to come to Mumbai as soon as possible. Kunal's behavior has been quite abnormal. He looks terrified and has stopped speaking altogether." She assured him that she would leave for Mumbai immediately.

Kumud received a big jolt on hearing the news about her son. She took a flight to Mumbai from Lucknow. She booked a room in a hotel near Kunal's hostel. She went to meet him after having her lunch. She was astonished as she could barely recognize him. He looked like a zombie. She shook him and spoke softly into his ears. She said," Your mother is here to see you. I have prepared your favorite laddus in pure ghee." She popped a laddu into his mouth. He ate it without relishing it. He looked at her as if she was a stranger.

He stared blankly without any expression on his face. She had not expected her son to be a picture of misery. A young guy entered the room with a headphone plugged into his ears. He saw her sitting beside Kunal on his cot. He removed his headphone and touched her feet. He said, " Good afternoon, aunty. My name is Rahul. I am Kunal's roommate. I think you are Kunal's mother. Am I right?" She smiled at him and nodded in reply. She asked him about his family background. She gave him laddu and chatted for a while. She steered the conversation towards Kunal. She asked Rahul, " How long has he been like this? What is the reason for his pathetic condition?"

He answered," He went to Professor Arvind Saxena's residence for discussing an important topic. I don't exactly remember the date of his visit. Everything changed after his meeting with Professor Saxena. Kunal has been in a state of trauma since last two weeks. He never comes out of this room. He has missed his classes for fifteen days. His lecturers complained to the principal about his prolonged absence. The principal paid us a visit on the very next day. He was shocked to see him in this condition. That is why he called you." Kumud was enraged.

She wanted to confront this professor and ask for an explanation. Kunal laid his head on her lap and curled up like a baby. Rahul added," He needs medical treatment. I am sorry I should not bother you with complaints about him.

He screams for help at night and disturbs our sleep. I have to take him to the bathroom and help him relieve himself. I have to feed him like a child. My studies are getting affected because of him. I kindly request you to take him to a psychiatrist. One of my friends was in severe depression. He went to Dr.Varsha Shekhar in Andheri for counseling. He recovered within a couple of months. I was feeling frustrated with my below average performance in the first year examinations. My friend prevented me from committing suicide. He gave me her visiting card. He asked me to go for a counseling session with her. I got back my self-confidence in just three sittings. She uses hypnotism to make her patients talk about their innermost fears. She gives them medicines and offers a simple solution to their problems." He gave her the visiting card of Dr.Varsha Shekhar. Kumud thanked him profusely. She also asked for Arvind Saxena's address and phone number.

Rahul got it from Kunal's diary and gave it to her. She tried calling him from her mobile. He did not attend the call. She lost her cool and cursed him under her breath. She decided to pay him a visit in the evening. She could not control her tears. She wept bitterly over the fate of her son. Rahul comforted her and offered her a cup of tea with biscuits. She decided to spend her time reading a book. She cast a glance around the room. It was neat and tidy with no speck of dust or cobwebs.

She could hear Kunal snoring. Rahul took leave from her and went off with his friend. She saw Kunal's mobile lying on the table. She was tempted to check his mobile. She was about to pick it up when Kunal suddenly woke up.

He pointed towards his stomach and said," I am hungry. Please get me something to eat." She went to a sweet shop and bought some samosas for him. He devoured them at once. He licked his fingers after eating. He had forgotten his manners.

She decided to put off her meeting with Saxena until the following day. Kumud dialed Dr. Varsha's number and sought an appointment for the day. She hired a cab and reached Varsha's clinic by 6.30 PM with Kunal.

Dr. Varsha Shekhar was a young woman with a fair complexion. Her smile was infectious just like Madhuri Dixit Nene. She was probably twenty-seven. Kumud was impressed with her.

She welcomed them and said, " Good evening, madam. How may I help you? "

Kumud repeated everything that Rahul told her. Kunal was playing with the paperweight. Dr. Varsha looked concerned. She gently led Kunal to an armchair and asked him to relax. She struck a friendly conversation with Kunal. He was laughing heartily at her childish jokes. They started talking about his likes and dislikes. Varsha slowly hypnotized him to relive his past. Kumud watched the proceedings patiently.

Kunal suddenly shouted for help. He yelled," I am like your son. Please don't touch me, sir. Ouch! Please spare my life. I can't tolerate this agony. I want to go back to my room." Kumud pleaded with Varsha to stop asking further questions. She said,"I can't see him begging for mercy." Varsha replied," I am sorry to say this, but your son is a victim of sodomy. He is under severe trauma. I would advise you to take him to some hill station. He needs a change of place. I have prescribed some pills for his quick recovery. Please come back in a month for the next session." Kumud paid her fees and returned to the hostel after a quick dinner. Kunal tugged at her sari like a child. She patted him and made him sit on the cot. She gave him the prescribed medicines. She sang a lullaby to make him sleep. He fell asleep immediately. She kissed him on the forehead and left the room.

On the following day, Kumud took her son along with her to confront Arvind Saxena.

He sucked his thumb while saliva drooled from his mouth. Arvind's wife Bindu opened the door for them. She ushered them into their living room. Kumud asked Bindu," How are you related to Professor Arvind? Is he at home? I want to have a word with him. See what he has done to my son."

Bindu went inside to fetch Arvind. Kumud sat on the couch with Kunal. She was getting impatient every minute. Finally, she saw him coming out of his room with his wife. He was tall and thin. He was dark and sported a thin mustache. He was nearly fifty-five years old and walked with a limp. He greeted her with a warm smile. He introduced himself and asked her the purpose of her visit. She gritted her teeth and replied," I have come here to settle scores with you. Your indecent behavior has left my son traumatized. He has almost lost his sanity." Kunal hid behind her to avoid looking at him.

Arvind pleaded innocence while his wife supported his claim. Kumud argued with him.

She took out a pistol from her handbag and aimed at him. Bindu came forward to shield her husband. She said," My husband is innocent. Someone has framed him." Kumud retorted, " Move aside, or I will blow your brain apart." She pushed her away and fired at Arvind. He was dead. Bindu was mad with grief. She screamed," What have you done? You are a mad woman. I am going to call the police. Don't you dare move an inch."

Kumud said," Don't bother to take any trouble. I will complete the necessary formalities. Please do me a favor. Send him to an asylum after my arrest." The police arrived shortly with an ambulance.

They arrested Kumud and confiscated her pistol. They sent the body for an autopsy. Kunal was crying for his mother. Bindu led him away to another room. The police left the crime scene with Kumud in their custody. Bindu closed the door after their departure. She went to join Kunal in her bedroom.He was eyeing her with lust. No sooner did she enter the room than he pounced at her. She removed her clothes to arouse him. They were naked and got into the bed. They did not bother to close the door.

He explored her body with his tongue. She was moaning in pleasure. They did not notice someone standing outside the room. " What a brilliant performance! Keep it up," said Kumud with her hand on her hips. Kunal's eyes popped up open in surprise. Bindu's face reddened with embarrassment. Kunal asked her," Mom, What are you doing here? Have you escaped from the police?" Kumud hit back saying," Why should I go to jail for your crime? You owe an apology to Professor Arvind Saxena. He is still alive and waiting to see you lovebirds. Just wear your clothes and come out."

They were paralyzed with fear as Arvind strode in with a camera. He smiled at them and said," I don't think you are happy to see me alive. I am so sorry to have spoiled your romance."

He went away after clicking their pictures. They dressed up quickly as Kumud turned her back on them.

Kumud called the cops who were ready with the handcuffs. " What are you doing, mom?" said Kunal, " I am your son. Please ask them not to arrest me. By the way, how did you find out about us?"

Kumud grinned at him and said," You never attended any of my calls. You didn't ask for money for the last six months. I thought that perhaps you got a part-time job. I had a vague idea that you were involved in something illegal. Fortunately, your principal asked me to come in person. He told me about your pathetic condition. You fooled me with your fantastic acting. You didn't realize that I would see through your tomfoolery.

Last night I saw a packet of condoms hidden below your bed.I picked up my handbag and pretended to leave. I hid behind the door at the entrance. I overheard your conversation with Bindu. I recorded everything so that I could question you. I called Professor Saxena and staged his fake murder to gain your confidence. I approached the local police station and sought the help of Inspector Tushar.

He gave me a fake pistol. Rahul and Varsha are under arrest for carrying a prostitution racket. They have confessed to their crime. Your name had cropped up during the investigation. The police have incriminating evidence against you. Don't expect any mercy from them. You are following the footsteps of your criminal father. He is in jail for espionage. I have filed for a divorce. You are not my son anymore. I don't want to see your face. Ms.Bindu, you are a perfect example of debauchery. Aren't you ashamed to have an affair with a young man? Please take them away, Inspector."

Kunal sneered at her and said," Don't forget that you need a son to perform your last rites."

She answered," You need not bother about my last rites. I have pledged to donate my body to the medical college. I don't want your filthy hand to touch me." The police led them away in their jeep.

She wiped away her tears before leaving Arvind's house. They thanked each other before parting ways. She returned home by train. She was all alone in this cruel world. Her husband and son were in jail. She had a runaway daughter. She opened her handbag and took out her family photo. They were smiling at each other with eyes full of love. She tore it into several pieces. She sold her house. She joined an orphanage as a warden. She dedicated her life to the innocent children.

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