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saravanan Periannan

Children Stories Drama Inspirational


saravanan Periannan

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

The Teacher I Wished To Speak

The Teacher I Wished To Speak

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After watching Mahabharata Geetha Chara episode, Gowtham was excited to share the ideas he heard yesterday that Lord Krishna acted as a teacher to Arjuna to make him understand and clarify his doubts.

They started an analysis on their teachers who speak to them about life and their well being apart from studies.

Gowtham then had a call from his friend which brings back to the present who informs him to come and meet him at library of their area and Gowtham asks him why and his friend replies to meet an important person.

Gowtham goes there and sees the boxes of books unloaded from the truck and Gowtham asks who is waiting there and his friend smiles and says your Krishnan is waiting.

Gowtham runs inside to see his madam Tresin waiting there, Gowtham bows down and joins his hand to wish madam and goes outside to meet his Friend.

Gowtham says our maths teacher is the person I longed to talk and thanks for you but how so many books came here.

The friend replies to our teacher with her small savings from teaching and with the books from her students she donated to 3 libraries in her locality.

Gowtham goes to the nearby bookshop to get some books but he thinks why he thought of speaking to this teacher.

Gowtham heard from his seniors that Tresin madam was such a strict teacher and does not show partial behaviour to anyone and treats all equally.

In the class of Tresin madam , Gowtham's one of the friend was so sad and was struck with grief and doesn't speak with others and seperated himself from people and sports.

Just months away from public exan,Tresin madam spoke with the boy and his mother about the problems he faced.

Tresin madam helped the boy with some motivational words "The sufferings that the larva has to undergo to change into the butterfly is only known and felt by the butterfly but its beautiful feathers are seen by outsiders, they see the cocoon and comment differently and also see the butterfly and comment differently".

You are in the cocoon stage, just bear the pain to transform into the flying butterfly.

He understood it and studied focused to pass with flying colors. students see many teachers and teachers see many students but only some teachers make a good impression on students and some students make a good impression on the teachers.

He got the books and returned to the library and salutes the teacher coming outside the library.

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