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The Sultan of Agrabah - Part 1

The Sultan of Agrabah - Part 1

3 mins


In this story a vase which was gifted by Sofia's father to her and was broken by someone. So let's see who broke the vase and what steps Sofia took to find the culprit.


Sofia, Mala, Jafar, Shyama, Chandra,

Old sultan.. 


Once upon a time in the kingdom of Agrabah there lived a girl named Sofia. She was so gorgeous. People were astonished by her beauty. One day when the princess came outside she saw that her favourite vase which was gifted by her father was broken into pieces. She cried a lot. Her maid came outside and saw that the princess was crying in grief. So, she went downstairs and asked her, "What happened princess. Why are you crying?"The princess soaked her tears and said , "My favourite vase which was gifted by my father on my 25th Birthday is broken and this was the last sign of my father".The maid said, "Don't worry princess we will soon find the culprit ".Yes you're right, I will also give his/her a punishment. Mala(maid) - Go and get the armies ready.We will start our work from today itself.

Mala said, "My majesty can we start our work from tomorrow? I think you should take some rest." Princess said, "No, No we will start our work today only you just go and prepare the armies". Mala said , "As you say my majesty".Ohh!Princess yes I remember that one of our ministers of this kingdom named Jafar was holding your vase". The princess and the maid quickly rushed to the Jafar's room and the princess Sofia started questioning. During that time, when he was questioned by Sofia, he told, " that I gave the vase to the servant for polishing since it had dirt on them".They quickly ran to the servant and started questioning again. He said, " that I gave the vase to the shopkeeper from where your father bought the vase for painting."

This time the princess was very angry. When she reached the shop she started screaming on the shopkeeper. When the shopkeeper (Shyama) asked, "What happened princess is everything fine?" No, nothing is fine, first tell me why did your servant come to my palace.Yes, my majesty my servant came to your palace to return the vase. Princess said , "Did he tell you something about the vase?" Shyama said, " no".Princess said , "Please call your servant."When the servant came he politely asked, "What happened my majesty "didn't you liked the way I have painted your vase. I can paint it again if you want. "

The princess said , "No first tell me why did you break my vase. "He said, No I didn't, I broke your vase and returned to your maid (Mala).Princess said in a shocking way , "My maid! no she didn't tell me about the vase. "Servant (Chandra)you can ask your maid. Princess said, "Mala tell me Chandra returned the vase to you. "Mala said , "yes My majesty he returned the vase to me but I haven't broken it."Mala was so feared this time that she was biting her nails.

Chandra said , "Yes princess I remember when I was returning back I heard a voice of breaking and when I looked behind I saw that the maid was hiding something. Mala was crying in pain, "Yes my majesty please forgive me it was by my mistake when I was returning back to my room my saree's dupatta touched the vase and it fell down. When I came downstairs I saw that you came outside from your room and was crying in grief for the vase. That time I was very scared that's why I didn't tell you. Please forgive me. The princess was very shocked that maid who was like her best friend had lied from her.

She was shattered and broken. But didn't give any punishment to her only gave her a message "Never lie to anybody in your life because one lie can turn into a hundred and becomes a mess."


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