Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Vartika Yadav

Drama Romance


Vartika Yadav

Drama Romance

The Confession...

The Confession...

8 mins

Again she could hear the noise of bickering which was coming from the adjacent room. She closed her book and turned on the music system to avoid the strain. After a while she slept soundly in her bed.

"Laura, get up girl it's 7 am u r getting late for school"shouted her Mom. Laura opened her puffy eyes, took a glance outside the window and saw the rays of sun shining directly through Her eyes. "Ahh!! Again school". She got up and started preparing for her day.

Laura was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Evans. Both the parents were always fixed in some trifle which made Laura a bit drawn away from them. She was always lost in her thoughts, used to lock herself alone in her room and eventually all this made her the only person on her own lonely island.

"Laura stand up and tell me when the battle of waterloo took place"?, Mr. Root questioned. Laura who was lost in her own mysterious room, got a sudden attack when this question was thrown to her. "Sir, I think it happened during uhh. . . . "she paused a bit "sorry I don't remember". This was not a new story with her it almost happened everyday. Just a new page with the same content was again added in her this storybook. "As expected. . . "exclaimed Mr. Root. "Why don't you give up studies when you don't wanna pay heed? Be ready for the detention. Today you will sit for an extra hour in school"As soon as the teacher completed his sentence, the bell rang. Laura sat quietly on her desk. She saw from the window the sun setting and the birds were going back to their home. She asked to herself, "the sun sets everyday to rise again, the birds go back to home after so much of wandering, when will the sun of my life will rise?when will I find a home of my own?Will it ever happen?"Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Are you a participant?"asked the young lad who was standing on the door. "Errr. . No. . "Laura answered with a hesitation. The boy didn't answer back and left the space which he occupied just a second ago. After completing an hour, Laura came back to home.

It was dark at midnight, Laura always needed some music which made her sleep. Today, there was no music because a new kind of rhythm was playing in her mind. She was continuously thinking about that boy. She never saw him in the school. She wondered who was he and why she is not able to avert her mind from him. She was in a fix but tiredness and sleep took away that fix. Next morning, she got up early by herself and prepared for school. It was unusual for her to show such kind of exuberance. She too wondered what made her to do all this. She started roaming in the school in search of someone. That someone whose name was not even known to her. Suddenly she bumped into someone, when she looked up she was surprised. He was the same person whom she was searching for.

She didn't even apologize but saw the name of that boy on his notebook which fell down after the bumping scene. It was written in a neat and clear way, the words read'Sean Johnson'. Laura was on ninth cloud after discovering his name. She started coming to school every day and gathered a lot of information about Sean. With a passage of time it was known to her, Sean is the new heartthrob of school, a studios boy and also carried the ornamental title of head boy. It was like, Laura woke up just after a fairy tale dream. She knew that they both are poles apart and she was nowhere in the scene. What a strange feeling is this! The feeling of having love for someone. Along with this feeling, many other feelings also germinate by its side. The feeling of rejection stands at the topmost. Similarly Laura thought she was not good enough for him. Poor girl didn't have any idea about what real love means.

Every morning when she woke up, she decided to be stronger than ever. She gave up slumber. She made herself determined. One day in class Mr. Root again put a question, "Yes, Laura tell me when did the French revolution took place and in whose reign"?There was a different kind of shine in the eyes of Laura after being questioned. She stood confidently and answered, "Sir, it took place during 1789-99 during the woeful reign of Louis sixteenth. This revolution was against the bourbons of France which marked a transition phase in the history of France with the substitution of monarchy with democracy. "Mr. Root was numb with shock.

He didn't expect this response from Laura. Though these shocking responses became common with the passing days. Laura proved her worth in every field. She felt that the sun of her life has risen. All this happened because of the pied piper Sean who changed her around without even playing his pipe. Laura was resolute that she will confess to Sean about her respect and love towards him. She went to his class and saw him. He was kneeling down before a girl with a rose in his hand and was proposing her. The girl didn't wait for a second and accepted his proposal. Laura was shocked after seeing this. She brought a letter and rose for him but crushed it in her own hands. She was totally broken. She thought that all her efforts went to vain. But then she realised it was stupid of her to expect such Miracle. She should be thankful to love for changing her life. After that she left the school and never ever confronted Sean.

After 12 years.

There is a grand party, all the big names of city have marked their presence. The host of the party is Mr. Godrow, the famous economist. The party was thrown to mark the celebration of his 50th birthday. A beautiful lady in a black gown appeared in front of him and with little haste he went to welcome her. "Laura, Laura with your arrival, this party has got a significant meaning now. "said Mr. Goodrow in a sheer excitement. "come, let me introduce you with other guests". . Pointing to a man in black suit who was standing some metres apart from them he said, "There he is". "Laura meet Mr. Johnson the business tycoon and Mr. Johnson she is Laura the managing director of the famous Evans Company". There was a sudden pause. Laura was totally surprised after confronting Sean after a long time. She was about to say something but a woman In green dress came and stood beside Sean. Sean introduced her to Laura, "Laura, meet my wife Francesca. "Laura was left in a daze. The whole night she didn't even say a single word to Sean. After the party got over, she came to Sean and handed over a letter to him and bade him goodbye.

Sean came back to his home and opened the letter. "Hello Sean, I don't know whether u remember me or not. I was at your school. Actually I always wanted to meet you so that I could thank you for all the things which u did to me even in your absence. When I was in the search of light, you appeared like a sunshine to me. When I was in search of life, you gave a meaning to it. I could not say now that I really loved you at that time because I never put any effort to get you. But I can make you assure I loved you even more when you left me. You know what I came to you so that I could confess my feelings but I saw that you proposed a girl and she also accepted. I didn't want to create any complexities so I just walked away. I just know that you will always be in my life even if I am not in your life. I was bit shocked when I saw that the woman of your life is not that girl whom you proposed that day. But I am really happy for you that you got someone whom you deserved. I am telling you all this today because I just wanted you to realise that you have inspired someone. That someone to whom you are like Home.

Your admirer"

After reading the letter, tears rolled down from his eyes. He went to the door of a closet and opened it and a crushed rose was kept in there. He looked at the rose and a memory just clicked in his mind. He remembered that the girl whom he proposed and after her approval he asked her, "Will Laura also act in such manner? By my this act are you sure she will say yes?"The girl answered, "Of course she will. My friend". . . Sean just said one thing to himself, "I wish you could have heard a bit more. . . I wish you could have stayed long".

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