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Republic Day Sale: Grab up to 40% discount on all our books, use the code “REPUBLIC40” to avail of this limited-time offer!!

Krusha Gala

Children Stories Drama Tragedy


Krusha Gala

Children Stories Drama Tragedy



4 mins

Once upon a time there lived a man with his tree daughters in the village. The first two daughters were too greedy once ….and the last daughter was the most innocent and pretty one …her name was Kelly ..she was so kind hearted and helped everyone …their mom died due to some diseases…

Everything was going good…but one day there was a new saying that their ships had been wrecked in the sea and few ships were been undertaken by pirates…but after few days they got to know one of their ship was on the river bank..

So that day man was going to the river bank…and he asked all three daughters if they want something

First one said that she wanted Gucci jacket..

Second one said that she wanted shoes and some makeup accessories….

But the third one said she only wanted one rose….

And than the man went….when he reached there his that ship was also broken and there were no goods in it…

He was upset…in is mind he thought that it was useless to have a whole one day journey to just see a broken ship…he was upset his all way…

Well it was to dark to travel any more….so there was a huge palace where he decided take rest ,….so he knocked at the door twice but no one came …and the door was also open…so he went in…and there was such an tasty food on dining table and many types of juices…after such an long journey he was hungry and thirsty too …so he ate all the food and went too sleep…next day when he woke up breakfast was ready…he was too happy to see it …

Then it was the time where he should return home…but in that palace he recalled that he had too take things for hid daughters…so he was not able to buy anything for first two…but in that palace there was a beautiful garden there were many roses …so he took one from there and than …..

A beast came ..he had a body like a normal man but his face was like beast…he said that I gave food to you and place to sleep still you stealing my flowers …so he said that I am not gonna leave you …now you have to pay for it..

The man said that what you want to give me ….

Beast said that you have to ask your daughter to come and stay with me forever..

Old man said alright!!!!!!!!!

As soon as he reached home ….he told everything to his daughters …the first two said no that they wont go but the third one said that she will surely go to save the old mans life …so that day they both went ….they reached that palace ..

Third daughter was hell scared and panic too see him for the first time ….and the beast asked that daughter wither you have came here by your own mind set or your father has forced you…so she said that I have came here by my own will…

So the beast said that now its time to leave your father…and you will never be able to see him again…she said alright no problem..

And the father left palace with the tears in eyes …few days went well at the palace everything was provided to her and beast did nothing to her…but one day beast came at night during dinner time she was bit scared but beast asked her to relax and said ….will you marry me …I love you …but the girl said no and went to her room…from that day..beast used to come everyday at dinner time and used to talk too her and she was not scared at all…one day she visited whole palace …there was one beautiful room where mirror showed her how was her dad...her dad was sick…and she asked the beast that she wanted to go home to meet his father …as they were good friends now so beast allowed him but took a promise that she have to come back if she will not come back he will die…

She said that yes she will we back in 3 days …and that beast left her home…after meeting the daughter he was alright…

But due to some reason she had to wait for 4 days …and she was late to reach the palace …she waited whole day that the beast will come to meet her ..but he didn’t even come at dinner time…so she was worried ..she checked in every room out he was not there and then checked in garden …he was almost on his last breath…when she said to beast please open your eyes …I am in love with you …don’t leave me like this …the beast turned out to the most handsome prince and said that a witch gave him a curse that he wont be at his normal face until a girl falls in love with his beast face and say love you …so she understood everything and they both went to meet his fathers and said the whole story…

He was glad that …that his third daughter is also happy with the prince…but two elder sister were so jealous to see her that happy…..


As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering!!!!

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