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The average person tells four lies a day, 1460 a year, a total of 87600 by the age of 60.

"Its OK" and "I'm fine" are the two most common spoken lies in the world.

Lie - a noun: means an intentionally false statement used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression.

Q) Is lying good for you?

A) If I tell you lying is good for you, you probably wont believe me. But trust me. I'm not lying.

Paul Ekman-A well-known psychologist conducted extensive research to find out the motives of why people lie and came up with 9 motives.

1) To avoid punishment

2) To avoid embarrassment

3) To protect someone else from punishment

4) To obtain a reward

5) To get out of awkward situations

6) To maintain privacy

7) To win admiration from others

8) To protect one's self from physical harm

9) To exercise power over others.

Now I would like to narrate 3 short stories from my life, the first 2 stories in which I lied and the 3rd story in which I was been told a lie. Lessons learnt from the 3 stories. Followed by few fun facts.

Slap Story:

If I go into my memory lane and question myself- " When did I lie for the first time?"- I remember my childhood lying to my social teacher answering "I did" for the question- " Adarsh, Had you done your homework?" result: my cheek turning red leaving the imprint of her four fingers satisfying motive 1 as mentioned above.

Clap story:

When did I lie recently? Yesterday. I believe that we all are staying home and staying safe. I got married recently. All married men out there give me a shout out if your wife is trying out new dishes in these quarantine days. Priya-my wife loves to experiment new dishes and am a foodie. Yesterday she braced herself by watching a couple of You tube videos of how to make a famous Andhra sweet-" Madatha Khaja" . For the benefit of the readers who doesn't know how the sweet looks like, here is the short description- "Madatha" in English translates to "Fold". It is almost close to a rhombus shape, cinched folds made with wheat flour, sugar and oil. As a dutiful husband who loves my wife I encouraged her to do so with the above description in mind. After 30 min she walked up to me with a bowl and spoon. She decided to have some play time being romantic and asked me to close my eyes. I did. I had this first spoon of semi sugar syrup and wide opened my eyes to look into the bowl. There she was standing with a bowl of sugar syrup eagerly waiting for my feedback. Asked me "How is it?" I clapped and said nice.Result: ending up eating 2 more bowls of syrup satisfying motive 8 and motive 2.

Trap Story:

Trap meaning- Trick of doing something contrary to the actuals.

A classic example of a trap story exercised by my parents when I was a kid. As a kid I was very fond of red Hercules bicycle. Whenever I asked them to buy me one their standard reply-Get good scores and we will see. I passed out of schooling in 2007 and got my Atlas bicycle after the Telangana state formation satisfying motive 9. Now you guys do the Math.

Lessons learnt:

From story one I learnt that lying to avoid punishment is not right.

From story two I learnt that lying to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones is not wrong.

From story three I realised that the government got changed by the time I got my bicycle and a new state has taken birth. Literally understood the meaning of the quote given by Lenin-" A lie told often becomes true".# time

Fun Facts:

1) Maximum lies have been told in court with the holy book in hand

2) Maximum truth have been told in a bar with a glass of whiskey in hand

3) Worlds biggest lie men say-" No need to ask my wife. My decision is final".

4) Worlds biggest lie women say-"I will ask my husband and tell you".

Thank you.

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