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Aradhana Sharma

Others Tragedy

Selfish Mother

Selfish Mother

3 mins

She was very happy, she got her new work that day. And she was offered a good salary too. The only thing that was in her mind was to get her daughter, Sonal, treated properly. She was tensed, when she got to know, a dog bit Sonal last night. She held her five years old Sonal in her arms whole night, thinking about the arrangement of money for her treatment. By God’s grace, she was hired for this new work.

When she asked for advance from her new work owner, though he was reluctant, but after knowing the reason, couldn’t say no to her.

She was weaving her thoughts, that today only, she would take Sonal to doctor. And in excitement, she bought some besan laddus, from the nearby shop. She knew, Sonal was very fond of laddus, but she could never afford to buy it earlier. But that day was a different one, as she got a new job and advance too. Otherwise, she could not earn enough to have both meals every day.

Before she could put her next step ahead, an aggressive dog attacked her and snatched her bag having money and besan laddus in it. She was shocked. This money was for Sonal’s treatment, she couldn’t let the dog take that away. She ran after the dog and with her full force, tried to snatch the bag back. But the dog was not ready to leave that and started biting her. She couldn’t feel the pain of injury caused by dog, instead she started feeling the deep pain of losing the money. She didn’t stop, kept fighting for her money. She didn’t realize, the dog created deep wound, and she was bleeding heavily. People gathered and rescued her from dog. “My bag, my bag!” she screamed. Someone managed to get the bag from dog. She was sent to nearby hospital. Severely injured, when Doctor asked her to go for treatment, she denied at once.

“My Sonal needs the treatment, not me. I will get her here Doctor, please treat her well. I am doing fine.”

“No, you are severely injured, if you don’t take treatment, you will not be able to work anymore. And if you don’t earn, how will you feed your daughter. If something happens to you, who will take care of your daughter.” Doctor advised.

She knew that she didn’t have money to get both treated. And there was little chance of having that much money in future also.

She thought for a few minutes. Slowly, her thoughts took a turn.

She rose from the chair and headed to the doctor to get herself treated.

It seemed as if heaven was crying with her, though she had no tear in her eyes.

On her way back home, she overheard people saying “What a selfish mother she is. “

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