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Positive Version

Positive Version

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Dear Diary,

Today, I will speak about present ways and what are the effects of lock-down here in this beautiful world.

It’s the revival time of our mother earth, curing its every worn and torn segment. The Earth has gotten a huge opportunity whether it come to reducing the effects of pollution of air, water, land and noise. Even the radioactive pollution has also declined by many levels. The sky is breathing and soil is growing.

The outbreak of this disease has put some more load on our great warriors, by warriors I mean all the Forces (Army or Police), the second God of humanity i.e. Doctors, Nurses, the social workers and sweepers who are acting like more than saviors. These all gentlemen and gentlewomen are serving humanity irrespective of their families.

This is the best time to regain your health and wellness aspect and to look after your elder ones’. The working women who don't get much time to look after themselves can take a deep breath and can revitalize your energy, your beauty and your homes too.

Parents and children who get less time to spend which each of them can best utilize their space, can play indoor games, engage students in writing, reading and speaking skills. Parents themselves can put more of enthusiasm in student workbooks and help their wards to learn new terminology and skills.

Students can take the help of their parents, elder siblings for doing school work. They can even learn new topics from various educational sites.

People have a phobia of using technology or are tech-illiterate can utilize this time in best possible way.

Every one of us can indulge our self in learning many new things or can polish our knowledge. It can include various activities like cooking, aerobics, learning new languages, gardening, etc.

This is the best time to look after your houses as well, how neat and clean have you kept it.

A little bit of workout is best. Yoga is best practice and to devote some time to listening to religious chants, poems, etc.

Not the least one, wash your hands often with soap, sanitizers and cover your nose and mouth with a mask.

Time once gone will never come back so utilize well.

The Plasma therapy against the pandemic disease is on, together we will and we can fight back.


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