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Gokilaa Devi Sethuramanathan

Children Stories Drama


Gokilaa Devi Sethuramanathan

Children Stories Drama

Our Never Ending Love Story..!

Our Never Ending Love Story..!

2 mins 223 2 mins 223

"I dont Remember the Moment

when I realised my love for him..

but I'm sure it will be

a Never Ending Story"


To start with, whenever we speak about a love story of our friends, or even ours... we start it with the moment, we met our loved one... here, I dont remember the day when I saw him, but only thing I know, I started trusting him all the day and night, and all of his actions from that moment.

Wherever, I go, I start my journey with him... his hug or kiss or even a handshake, would keep me happy for the whole day..his touch always provides me the confidence which I need to face the society, it makes me proud, it usually encourages me to do something Big..!

Before coming out of my shelter to face this society, he was the only person showing me, not all men are Bad.

I used to go to my school with him, my day remains incomplete if I dont hear his voice... all of that has changed now...

Now I couldn't even see him daily...

As he too has his wife, children, carrier... and the society has made some rules being a favour to all men.

I couldn't understand why is it a girl, should move to her husband's house leaving her life long boyfriend ie. Her father.

I feel all these, all of a sudden, only when my daughter remains awake till late at night for her dad to join her sleep.

Usually, a Father does not treat his daughter as a child but make her feel herself his mom.

I was also my dad's little princess, and

Everything was smooth, until the day, my father came up with photographs of grooms...

Now Being a mom, came to know the reason, "Why my mom was scolding me for being with my father.. it would have made her jealous of me..."

Whenever you scold men as a whole, remember that your father is one among them.

Even though you have/had a hard time with father... don't forget, yet he is your father... and he won't make do anything harmful to you.. in his conscious state.

If you have not realised your father's love... tell him that you love him and won't stop it till you die.... and

no one can compensate his space in you heart...

Love you Dad!

Father is a word

Whereas Appaa is an emotion...

for life long.

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