Open Letter

Open Letter

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Dear five year old me,

It's been ages since we met. How are you? And how is that mango tree where we used to climb and pluck juicy mangoes? Remember, I once fell and broke my leg! Gosh! I still remember Mummy's warning.

And how's our little tricycle which we rode for hours and never got tired? 

Oh! Yes. How can I forget our kitchen set? Are all the vessels still there or lost? I miss the food we made in it. I miss you my five year me.

Nothing like that is in my twenty-year-old world. We don't play with kitchen sets or bat and ball. We play with emotions. Yes! This is our toy in this world. We don't wear those flowery hairbands or that Ben Ten watches anymore. We are more cautious about our looks now. We don't leave our houses unless we wear something branded.

But yes! I do miss you. I miss our carefree laughs, our childish games, our stress-free life, I miss everything.

We do laugh in our world but that's not when we laugh without a reason, we usually laugh making fun of others. We don't even care what the person thinks or feels. Yes! This is call being care free in our world. 

But when we miss you a lot, we do sometimes end up playing lock and key and Hide and Seek. We have'nt yet replaced it from our hearts. 

Sometimes even when we wish to be kids once again, we have to stop ourselves because what will people say? What will the society say? 

Back then, boys and girls played together. We can't do that now. What if the aunty in my neighbourhood saw me playing hide n seek with a boy? You never know what she'll go and speak to mummy and the whole colony! I can't even imagine doing that. 

But we miss being kids again. Every time it rains, we run out and feel those tiny droplets falling in our cheeks. I even jump in some of the potholes! We still make paper boats and airoplanes. But if we are caught we are chased out of our classrooms and are sent to face the principal. 

We miss you. I miss you!


Nineteen year old!

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