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My school friends

My school friends

2 mins

My school friends are all about the school going kids who find new friends and how they remember their friend's name and also how children know the food that they eat and come back from school learning good things and discipline.

 My school friends here are my school friends says Kavir a young school kid. Where are they? They are in school. Kavir says we read, do crafts, play together, and come home.

Kavir says in the school he got a friend who sits next to him, he is Ahaan. They are good friends.

The class starts in the school and Kavir sits with his friend Anusha and they start writing A, B, C in their four-line note with long pencils and fingers stretched.

Take your maths note says teacher, Kavir and his friends open their bag quickly, there comes Bala, with rolled eyes searching for his maths note, he could not find it…..

Here comes craft teacher for the craft class, Kavir, Aahaan, Anusha, Bala, all are excited to watch how the teacher makes the Rakhi. Gopal peeps and says teacher I want to make rakhi for my family smiles the children’s…..

Now it’s the time for lunch and everyone is in excitement to see the colorful lunch box. Kavir says yummy pasta, Aahaan got a sandwich, Anusha with dosa, Bala with Idli and chutney, and finally Gopal with his curd rice and potatoes.

All enjoy eating their lunch with towels on their lap and also without wasting the food and their small tummy filled with healthy food, says teacher we have finished ……..

After a small walk through the park playing in swings and slides, Kavir and his friends collect their bag and lunch bags, and handmade rakhi and form a line to go home, saying bye to each other …

School is the place where we learn new habits and also get new friends and teachers and we learn new concepts.

Also, we celebrate all our festivals and cherish them.

Happy Raksha Bandhan.

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