My Magical Diary

My Magical Diary

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It was to be just another lazy Sunday until my diary began to speak to me in a goofy tone. Did you study for social studies exam? No... …I replied gently. So, the diary replied, bring your textbook to me. I had no choice because my own diary has found out my own secret. When I brought my textbook, my diary commanded me to open page no 184. “Shillong” and I found my PUB.G DVD. It was not my fault I replied in my head. phew!!!!! My diary couldn’t see. Did you say something my diary asked? No… then my diary began telling a poem in a loud voice.

“The busiest place I know is Shillong town street road orange and yellow lantern. Food truck which sells Momos. cold winter no mangoes. but sweet strawberry jelly oho.”  

Wonderful !!!!! now can I go down to play? Thank you said the diary. Okay, then I can go to play. NO, Question and answers are left. Come on you are like my MOM but a book. Hey!! That was mean said the diary. No, it is not. Think before you leave. I know about the DVD. What DVD?? PUB.G DVD…. Blackmail!  

(Suddenly the doorbell rings) Ting tong... Grandma!! I said, “Yes my dear How are you?” Grandma said.

[NOTE -My grandma is my fully energetic one, she slept at 12 o ‘clock and woke at 5 o’clock. And runs 5KM every day. She knows every corner of the house what’s happening]

Then she winked at my diary in the creepy style I thought It was just a joke. It did not bother me at least I can go down to play. At dinner time My Grandma made Ice-cream “sundae”. My father thought it was a desert. My cousin also joined us just for ice cream “sundae”.

[Note-My cousin is nine year’s old. She loves sweet things more than I do. She lives 1104 just beside me by the way I live in 1103.]

After dinner, My mother started to wash all the dishes. My Grandma started to knit socks and My father started to his office work. I didn’t care because I and my cousin started to play monopoly. At bedtime, I and my cousin had a sleepover. But we slept soon. My sleep was broken by some noise. I watched “Sherlock Holmes”.So I begin to investigate. I saw nobody was there so I went near my diary and found out it was missing. Soon I remember wink which my Grandma gave at evening. I went to her room slowly and found that she was not there. At her bed, I found my diary and saw a picture of her.

[Note- MY diary keeps rotating all over the world. It is 500 years old. Every keeper has their photo on the last page of the diary]

I heard some noise and quickly hide under my Grandma’s bed with my diary. It was just strong wind. I couldn’t believe in my eyes that my Grandma was also one of the keepers of the diary. Why she did not tell me. I waited under the bed for my Grandma but fell asleep Morning I woke up and saw my Grandma knitting socks. Where were you the whole night I asked in a high tone? So, you found out she said. YES !! That diary belongs to me I said. But, I was the keeper too Grandma said. Suddenly I noticed My Grandma started to feed away. She said I am in curse BE SAFE! As I touch her, she fed away completely. I opened my diary, My Grandma was in the diary. The diary has cursed My Grandma. I said it more than a thousand times and cried loudly.

I went to the kitchen and burned my diary and my Grandma was free.


(If you want something, you must lose something). My diary said and It happened had with me also. Am I happy? …. but I don’t know the answer. I saw My lovely Grandma is with me, this thought makes me happy. The Diary is burned now. I said quietly and sadly. NOO… Grandma said Someday It will truly return. I smiled and saw my diary again. It was not magical anymore, but it was truly mine, I walked out from the kitchen. I saw myself destroying diary at first piece written “Question and answer”. Without thinking any more I started to learn, As I was finished at the second page, there was My PUB G. DVD, But I have decided I will not play PUB G anymore so slowly my DVD turn to LUDO game DVD. I realized What love and time were.   

And that’s what I saw from my window.    

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