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My Friendly Dad

My Friendly Dad

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My Dad was more of a friend than a father to me.

I shall recollect one incident which will convince you of the fact that a child's best friend is none other than his own Father.

Once when I returned home from the hostel, I happened to visit his office room at a premier institution of which he was the Deputy Director. I wanted to surprise him.

I gave a fake visiting card to his peon and requested for his appointment. After some time I was allowed or given permission to see him. I knocked at the door and entered the room.

He stared at me for a few seconds before inquiring "what can I do for you". I replied, "you can order a cup of tea for me".

Immediately he gave a call to the canteen manager and told him that there was a special guest in his room and hence he should send 2 cups of special ginger tea to his room.

Well, dad was always one step ahead of me.

The canteen manager presented himself before us with a kettle of special tea and biscuits. He looked at me and then looked around and could not stop asking my Dad if the special & important guest had already left, to which my father replied, pointing his finger at me that "here he is sitting in front of me".

We all had a good laugh.

I cannot forget this small incident which made me feel like a VIP then. Small innocent moments and small kindly gestures can do wonders for you!

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