Moses Hongang Naga

Drama Tragedy


Moses Hongang Naga

Drama Tragedy

My Brisky

My Brisky

4 mins

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” Famously quoted by a popular and prolific novelist and short story writer Agnes Sligh Turnbull.

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? What it wants to say? We would love if our dogs could talk, some of the times, at least.

Brisky has always been the type of dog who pays attention to us. And not just for the verbal commands, it felt like he could understand my actions. He turned five last May.

In the year 2013 I took him home while I was returning home from my work. He was just three months old then and I could easily cusp him between my palms. He became the attraction instantly, everyone on the way that day admired and petted him. I still remember how he looked unfazed by what was going on or where was I taking him. He didn’t even once hesitate to go with me and I knew he was meant to be mine. I named him ‘Brisky’ I still don’t know why.

My sister would often dress him with skirts and tie a small bow on his head, he looked so cute. He sits on his hind legs looking straight ahead so proudly, his head held up, his white furry chest looking so majestic. Often reminding me of the Lion King Simba or of a fierce leader of a wolf pack.

My mom would call out ‘Briskyyyyyyy…’ for food and he would come running so fast with his tongue hanging out from his mouth, I could see his smile, yes dogs smile, my mom and her sister showed how they smile. Most days I come home tired and he would come near me pushing his head on my hand to pet him or lifting his paws inviting me to play with him. It felt like he could read my mind or understand what I go through and being with him, for that moment I forget everything, and it would ease my mind.

My youngest brother and I often go for playing football and basketball. Brisky would follow us, his job at the playground was to scare the goats grazing on the lush green grass. He once accompanied my sister to exam hall when she had to appear for her exams and he sat there the entre time. Like a shadow he followed mum everywhere. I thought of dad as not a pet lover only till the day I saw him getting worried for him when he didn’t come home till late one night. He was such a baby because we made him felt like one. My mom’s sister called him ‘Bebe’ (baby) as the youngest one in the family. Briskyba, that’s what I use to call him knew each and single of our relatives and he would visit their houses, climb on their door and look at them as if he meant to say hello and will leave.

We lost him on July 21, 2018 at Four in the evening. One night he went missing and returned only in the evening of the next day. I don’t know what happened to him that night, but he was never the same since he came back. He was traumatized by what happened that night and the days following that incident he became sick, didn’t eat well and after coughing only for a day or two he passed away with my sister looking after him by his side. Every single one of us in the family is deeply saddened by the loss. I have lost a brother whom I loved so much. He was mine and I could recollect every single detail of things we did together. From his first bath to the day we went for a ride, to the time he made a cameo on a short movie I shot for my friends. I truly cared for him and I treasured him. My phone and laptops are flooded by his pictures and videos. I miss him so much.

It’s the end for him I know and it’s very sad. I also know that for many people, this may not relate at all. But if there is one thing we can learn or connect from this story is that we can always care for anything or anyone and make it a part of our lives, also to involve things that are dear to us in our lives every day. I always wondered what Brisky thought of me. I always wanted to know what he wanted to say to me. Things that I regret are if only he lived till his ripe age. If only we could exchange talks I would say to him thank you for bringing joy into our family. You took a bit of it when you left.

RIP My Brisky.

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