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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Saarthak Dutta

Children Stories Fantasy


Saarthak Dutta

Children Stories Fantasy

My Audacious Life

My Audacious Life

8 mins 408 8 mins 408

My Mom always thought that I was born out of her womb, but she was grossly mistaken - I was from the Looud cloud, a galaxy in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of light-years away from Earth.

In the Looud cloud there was a sun named Lona. In Lona there was a planet called Loon and this is the only planet in the Looud cloud which supported life and you can guess - I was from this planet.

At the time when I was born in Loon, a deadly and devastating invasion crawled over the streets of Loon. The invasion was from extraterrestrials from a different space-time which is known to you as the multiverse. These extraterrestrials were big space invaders with no eyes and mouth. They were a cruel and ruthless race of cyborg- half human half machine driven by an advanced form of Artificial intelligence (AI). They were the race of Shalaks and wanted to harness our brains and create a genetic superintelligence.

The Shalaks had invaded Loon to capture and enslave our race. We Loods were a special race in the universe. We were a peace-loving race that promoted intergalactic peace and harmony. We had a special feature in our body framework. We had one permanent brain in our head and one detachable super brain that we would carry with us - mostly held on our hands. The extra brain had special powers. From it, we could view what is beyond space and time which is also connected to the multiverse.

We were physically weak like humans but mentally very powerful and we could control objects with our brain.

This was an invasion that we couldn’t decrypt from our Super brains. Shalaks had opened about 20 portals and were shooting us laser weapons, missiles and silenced grenades. During the war my actual parents had died. I was helpless. But fortunately, I saw a teleporting port for, I went near it and tried to step on it, but I was not able to as it was vertically elevated. Fortunately, an unknown person helped me get into it. But as I stepped on it Shalaks shot him through their inter-dimensional portals.

I didn’t know what happened I was kind of teleported into an intergalactic space shuttle. Inside it there were so many children sitting quietly like they were lifeless. I went near the astrogator of that ship and asked him “umm, what is happening here and how did I came in this shuttle. “Umm, you used the teleporting port and that thing helped you to get here instantaneously” Answered the driver. Then he told he about himself. He was a planet savior, the planet which gets invaded: the residents of that planet come in this ship, by the way his planet was also invaded by these Shalaks. “okay enough of back story now, where are we?” I had asked him. “we are near milky way galaxy” the driver answered. “do you mean we are going to Earth, btw I had saw from my super brain.” “correct”

While I was walking and sat on a couch I unwittingly went into a deep slumber. I was seeing the dream of how nice will Earth look, just like heaven, but the moment, when I woke up, it was inside a hospital I was seeing with jewel white eye sockets. I didn’t know but I was near my mom. I was not able to see the difference as I was not used to my home planet and got more used to planet Earth.

While I was thinking about what should I do, my mom softly picked me up and hugged me. “Hello baby.” My mom said to me and I didn’t know what to say, but nice my mom was not shocked that I had a brain on my hand, but when time passed, I learnt that no one can see my brain except my father as he had a god gifted supervision. I was enjoying my mom’s hand, but the blue colored nurse picked me up and took me to the sleeping room. While I was walking my uncle and aunt were using a rectangular device to click pictures of me. In the sleeping room, I saw many kids sleeping and I was the biggest from all of the other kids. I had my super brain and I was easily able to understand what is happening. Suddenly I felt like sleeping and I also slept. But that time my father was in mainland china and eating Chinese food.

Next day: the nurse picked me up and handed me over to my mom. I didn’t know why but my mom said to me “we are going to our house.” then I said “okay mom” then I did not understand why mom got so enthusiastic and kept me on the bed and she thought that she was Michael Jackson and she started dancing. She was dancing like a frog but I was getting bored.

When we reached our adored home, I was hearing someone was snoring and it was my granddad. Later on, I learned that old people snore a lot. Btw my grandad was very good he always used to play with me and told me ‘You will be a very good boy’ I didn’t know why he had to say that, but I realized it when I was in 2nd standard.

After many years my parents started sending me to school to study. When I started going to school, I was similar to a scholar because everything was so easy to comprehend and I every got time bursting results in my examinations. My father and mom were so happy when as I always used to get full marks. All because of my extraordinary super brain.

After I reached class 1, they bought me a whole new house to study, and make them proud to have a such bright kid.


                                        But this had changed

As usual Sunday was a holiday, so I was so free that day: No homework, no study. But that day my mom gave me curd and I was holding my brain on my left hand and then I thought “how will I eat the curd.” Then my father called me “throw the paper in the dustbin” then I thought to throw the thing in my left hand in the dustbin and I did. I was very happy as I was able to eat the curd. But after that day my IQ decreased a lot. Then in exams, I got very fewer marks as I used to get before. then my parents started scolding me a lot, “Study, study”

I realized this problem when I was in the 6th standard and then I understood to study very rigid. Every day I studied for about 10 hours and finally at the day of examination I scored stars in front of my eyes. My parents were so much pleased and having stars in their white eye sockets.

                                    To get full marks, study a lot like me.

  High school days: atom smasher is very common here and I wanted to make one in my garage. Tell me will it work?

I knew how to make an atom smasher past 1 year but I didn’t make it so I had thought to make it today only. So, I started building one in my backyard I made, it took me about 3 days to build it. I was so happy and wanted to try it.

 the second I touched the trigger button, my atom smasher it detonated and destitute into fragments. It should not have done that but wrong science, wrong outcome. That was my worst day in my life I was so sad my first physics experiment did not work.

I thought to go back to my home planet. I had repeated the quote about 24 times and unwittingly we Loods ha the power to reach our home planet anywhere any time by saying it 24 times.

 I reached planet Loon (my home planet). I did not understand how I went to Loon this time, but later I was able to figure out the answer. But I didn’t think about it much and I saw skyscrapers blocking the view of Lona and I saw that no one had brains in their hands. I asked someone “what happened why no one has a brain in their hands?” “what I think you went to Earth for safety and did not evolved much… but I am seeing that you don’t have brain in your hand” the stranger tried to answer him. “oh, I threw it into dustbin, so foolish” I also tried to answer him. “no, you did correct, we threw our brain in dustbin too that we can become more powerful and can prove that we can live without the external brain.” “Okay, now if any attack comes, we will fight them” “we also developed laser weapons, atomic bombs, and lethal weapons.” “so, we are ready.” “yes”

Finally, I am back from Earth and war. This journey was so confusing but I am now able to enjoy the true meaning of life in my home planet chilling not like an ordinary human being. Now finally resting time. “no come work in the factory".   

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