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3 mins

"Hey mom, where you kept that my mask, I am getting late"

"Mask its there an, on table"

"No mom, not that, which I brought yesterday from market"

"Ohh that I don't know where you kept, now you wear this and go"

"No mom, just search na, I want that only"

"Why you want that only, you can wear this, what happened to this mask"

"Mom, I want that only "

"Don't behave like a child, ha, you are grown up now & going for work"

"What mom, shut, my mood is off now"

"Ok I am going bye."..

"Ok take care beta"

"Mom I am not a child, I am grown up now"

"Oh my dialogue to me, you will not understand mom's feelings"

(The time was spend, hours passed and now its evening time) 

Mom dad and grand ma having tea, Sherya entered the home

"Good evening beta"

"Good evening papa'

"Shreya go get fresh and come, I prepared your favorite snack"

"Ya Sherya, go fast"

"Ok grandma'"

"Come Sherya, have a seat, what happened, why you are sad"

"Nothing grandma'

"You must be tired na, have this, its really tasty, your mom is MasterChef"


"Mom, you searched my mask"?

"No Sherya, I didn't get time, you must have kept somewhere na"

"What mom, my whole day mood was off, tomorrow I will not wear this mask"

"What happened to this mask, that day only I had brought" 

"I don't want this, I am searching for my mask"

"Beta first have this na, after that you search"

"No, I don't want this, I want my mask grandma"

"What is there in that mask "

"Granny, I want that only"

"But why? anything special? if you tell me, I will search with you "

"Granny our office group has brought same type of mask, so we are supposed to click photo with that mask and today I didn't wear so we decided to click photos tomorrow and if I don't wear tomorrow than it will be dealy na "

"Ok k, this is the reason behind your aggression"

"Listen my child, why we wear mask, to be away from viral infection na and now it's become necessary to wear this to protect our health. Day before yesterday your mom brought this cotton handmade mask which are more reliable to use but you don't want this, you want which you brought, tell me, in this situation outside, whether we should protect our health or wear fancy mask for photos, this is not a situation where we should be demanding. You know Sherya, we have money, we can buy more mask, what about poor people who can't afford two times food, what they should do, either to offered for mask or for food. Wearing same mask for photos is not so important than giving some people mask which they can't afford. Your one photo may get many likes comments on social media but protecting someone's health by helping others, that happiness is beyond this and you were asking na your mom why she didn't search mask and all. After you went to office, she looked after home work in that she is not getting time to sit and she is doing so much for us, now days lockdown was there all was at home you were doing work from home but your mom take any time holiday, she was doing work as she was doing previously so we should not talk to her like this, we should do something for her also na"

"Ya granny, it's true, sorry granny, I should not behave like this, I will say sorry to mom and I will discuss with my office friends regarding helping needy people, thanks grand ma for opening my eyes"

"That's like my child and you know Everyone has open eyes but point of views is different "

"Ok ok granny, going in kitchen to say sorry to mom "

Shreya went in kitchen.

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