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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

Learning Life lessons from TV

Learning Life lessons from TV

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Learning Life lessons from television 

Sometimes we watch television for escape, for entertainment.

But sometimes a television show can show us, what we didn't know about, teach us things we had no idea about, even a show that's for entertainment.

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy since day one and seventeen seasons later it's still one of the only shows I still watch. But this last season captured the realness in today's world, it showed us an inside view of what all of these amazing doctors and nurses have been through during this pandemic. 

If you aren't a front line worker you can't even imagine what these people are dealing with day in and day out since this pandemic started. I was one of those people and I am sad to say it took a television show to really make me realize how much we should appreciate all they have done and continue to do.

I cried as I watched these television doctors and nurses. This could have been in any hospital around the world with real life doctors and nurses and what they went through.

The long hours and days they worked, not seeing their families and worried about their families and what they might bring home to them.The shortage of supplies, seeing patients die every day without their families and friends being there to say goodbye. The helplessness they felt not being able to save lives, which is what they signed up for in the first place. Seeing their own, taken down by this disease, feeling hopeless, tired, depressed and yet still showing up and showing out day after day.

I felt their frustration, their sadness and their sorrow as I watched and my heart went out to all the Frontline workers for all they had to do. Sometimes if we are not there seeing it with our own eyes, it doesn't feel real to us. We are living in a bubble that protects us from it but watching a show like this really shows us in the inner workings we don't normally get to see. And if it's as well written as Grey's is, you really feel like you are there, that you get it and it touches you deep within.

Yes, I realize that this is just a television show and there is so much more that we don't know or can't appreciate but at least it helps us to become more compassionate.

So kudos to Grey's Anatomy for showing the world these real life heros went through and are still going through. They all need medals and extra pay and luxury vacations for all that they did and shame on us, the government for not doing this for their tireless efforts to help save the world.

So today my friends, do something nice for a nurse or doctor. It can be a small gesture, say thank you and know that because of them we are still here today.

My thanks goes out to all the nurses and doctors and frontline workers...Thank you.

"Be the change you want to see"


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