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Drama Others

It Happens For A Reason

It Happens For A Reason

7 mins 208 7 mins 208

Due to pandemic, moving out without reason was the biggest headache. So always there was a fear when domestic groceries are about to finish. Sometimes me alone or otherwise along with father used to go out for the purchase, looking at the most convenient way.

That day he thought to relax at home and groceries were almost out at its last. So, I have to move out for a reason now. I took the scooter, caring about some common facts and that was the only option available.

Clear road ahead, no traffic at all, cool and fresh air, the nice ambiance around, knowingly or unknown somehow, I step on the gas more than it should be and touched 60 about. Those roads where almost by-heart for me but somehow, I missed a fact that there is a sharp turn ahead. Anyhow slowing down is not at an option available as distance too short, so I decided to go with the turn by managing the speed and drum brakes applied.

Oh God, someone is trying to cross the road. It’s a girl, felt happy for a moment but then realized she is wearing a white in-ear headphone, so can't hear my horn or shout. Careless girl crossing and stupid me riding over speed. I thought I will hit her hard but somehow managed to take the turn more sharply to save her carelessness, but destiny, she saw me coming suddenly and got all of sudden frightened and started to run here and there which disturbed my calculations. Now, that angle and turn which I took was again a problem. So, I decided to let it be and get on with this, and move with whatever happens.

She fell, I slightly hit her somewhere. I was almost out of senses at that point. I put my ride on the stand, turned it off, and took the key back (safety of own property is always important). I rushed towards her at first, to see if anything serious.

That moment I released that men will be men, advertisement is there for a reason. I forgot everything in front of her beauty. Truly she was very pretty. Somehow, I turned my conscious mind on and asked here

Me: ‘’Hi, is it all fine……. Mm. arr are you okay ??’’ (acting worried)

Here comes the actual woman in her.

She: "Stupid, fool don’t you have eyes on your big face? Can’t you see someone crossing around? Can’t you see the speed signboard there?? It’s paining dude.”

That moment, first I removed my sunglasses and then looked at that signboard for the first time in my life.

Me (to myself): “It was existing here; I haven’t seen it for years thou’’

Anyhow she was slightly bleeding so, I seriously apologized and asked here for any help.

She (pointing towards the house nearby): “That’s my house, please help me reach there”.

I was slightly in fear but still managed to hold her hands, to help her get up and walk to reach her home. Then I jumped to the calling bell and bang it 3 or 4 times.

She: “Excuse me, you have gone mad, there’s no one inside, the key is with me. Please open the door and wait outside”. I was like okay and did the same. She went inside and I was outside looking here and there, fully confused. For some reason, I googled the first-aid procedure and medical terminologies.

I was going through those, suddenly from inside a sound came, then

She: ‘’Are you there??’’

Me: ‘’Yep’’

She: ‘’ didn’t you heard this sound?’’

Me: “yep”

She: ‘’ Stupid, please come inside and help me. And yeah keep the door wide open”

I was slightly uncomfortable with the last line but never mind, there’s someone needs help, so I went inside. Here she is, with a box of medicine, bandages, ointments and broken pieces of glasses down.

Me: ‘’ What happened??’’

She (Angry): “It’s all because of you. Don’t act now”

Me: “I just came, what I did??”

She gave a furious look and I understood.

She: “Hold this end of the bandage (Commanded)” (No please and will you)

Me:” Wait, wait Did you washed this wound??”

Here comes the reason for which I googled. She looked directly into my eyes. Angry at its peak.

Me: ‘’If not you should, then apply some ice and then apply Hydrocortisone or calmine lotion.”

She:’’ So you did a medical course?? A doctor ??”

Me:” I look like one but nope. I am an engineer by profession but have interest to keep a basic understanding of all, you know Mmmmm” (Said for a reason)

She:” oh, great by the way its calamine lotion not calmine”

Me:” What ??”

She:” Stupid, the lotion name just you said right”

That point I understood, mugging things up is just a temporary solution.

Me: “Yeah, yeah my mistake”

Then somehow, she applied those medicines and we together tied the bandage knot (please don’t miss reading the word bandage in-between).

It all looked fine, she started picking up the broken glass pieces, so I intended to help her. Somehow, I picked a few, then she said she can manage. She went out with those pieces. So as a gentleman, I used my sense and I went outside took my initial position on the chair.

After a couple of minutes, she came.

She: “Thanks for the help by the way. And sorry for my behavior as it was all of a sudden. Please don’t mind”

Me (Still a gentleman): “Yeah it's cool, it was a mistake of mine, so no issue I will take it”

She: “I should be little more care thou”

Me(within): “Little??”

Meanwhile, we were having a casual talk, a car came by.

She: “Yeah, my parents came, I forgot to tell you they went to the market for some purchase”

That moment I release that I too had the same purpose.

I stood up in respect, they came and asked her about me (Obviously) and she narrated the whole story to them. They seem convinced and enquired if I am fine.

Me: “I good sir, I was worried about your daughter so helped her with the first aid”

They all seem good and happy; they offered me a cold drink and had some introductory chat.

Me: “I have to take a leave mam, my parents would be worried and I have to do some purchase, so I have to go now”

Her Mom: “Is it?? Please inform your parents first and proceed”

Me: “Yeah, of course, Mam”

I looked at everyone with respect and had a glance at her too. She came to me and said thanks again.

After that all, I reached to her mom and said

Me: “I think she didn’t apply the first aid properly as there's no calamine lotion was available”

By hearing this statement she laughed.

Her mom: “Don’t worry son, she can take care of that. She a doctor by profession”

Dipping in shame and guilt, I waved goodbye and looked back at her.

Me (within): “Nice acting by the way”

With that beauty, grace, and beautiful smile, she waved me back but for a reason.

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