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Jyotinayana Das

Children Stories Drama Inspirational


Jyotinayana Das

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

I'M Perfect

I'M Perfect

5 mins

"Mom! Mom!"

Avyan cried out loud. "Mom? Where are you? Come fast."

'Coming', replied his mom,

As she knew that it was nothing new. She knew that the reason behind this urgengy was nothing but another question that wanted an instant answer at that point of time.

5-year-old little Avyan always had something or the other popped up on his little mind which was not actually little. It was indeed an entire galaxy in itself where his thoughts and his imaginations dwelled bringing up unanswerable questions every now and then.

And his mom remained as evidence for the same.

His curiosity reached to that level over time that each time he called out her, she immediately started creating answers of her own just by predicting what would be his to-be question.

She entered the room which was full of stars, moon, milky ways, planets and all that is supposed to be in the Universe.

"So, why did you call me?" Mom asked.

Through the open window, Avyan pointed towards the night sky.

"What's there Avi?" Mom asked again. Avi was Avyan's nickname.

Mom can you see, the shape of the moon today? It's round. Doesn't it like its previous shape? Then why doesn't it change it's color too?

Why it's only white? And this way he kept on putting questions after questions one after the another.

With a little smile on her face, mom replied - "Son, it's full moon today. There is nothing like changing its shapes. It's the same. It just gets illuminated from the Earth's perspective and so it appears to be full."

Avyan was delighted to get the answers to his questions.

Looking back towards the moon he said- "Mom, you know I will surely get there one day. Do you also want to accompany me there?"

'Of course, why not?'

"It will be such an adventure, right?" replied mom.

"Really? Then we can also carry your home made chocolate cookies over there and feed the moon. I'm sure his mom cannot make such delicious ones."

"Hmm, maybe!" replied his mom with a big hug.

"Now let's go the dining hall." Dinner is ready! said mom.

Okay let's goooo....Avyan said out loud and his mom shifted him from the bed to the wheelchair.

Yes! you heard it right. 'Wheelchair'.

Avyan was a child with Muscular dystrophy~ it's a genetic disorder of the muscles.

The one who is affected by this disorder loses the ability to walk, sit upright or to move the arms and hands.

But much can be improved by allowing the child to function as independently as possible.

And Avyan's parents did the same for him.

They always encouraged his ideas and ambitions. Rather than isolating his thoughts they always appreciated them and tried their best to make them limitless.

As he was always so attracted to the celestial bodies, they decorated his room with all those he wanted and even the wheelchair.

The wheelchair was fully covered with stickers of stars and all. And for him it was not just a wheelchair but a spacecraft using which he kept on roaming around his own universe,his own world all day long.

He would command the wheelchair, 'Hey spacy, let's go to space'. And he would then move into his room.

And sometimes he was much determined that he would start standing and walking on his own.

"Dinner done!"

"Daddy, let's go." Said Avyan.

Avyan always loved to listen all those amazing heroic stories that his dad used to tell him after dinner. And he was eagerly waiting for his latest one. The stories were the realistic ones and it added more and more courage to his thoughts.

But that night daddy spoke about something different.

"Avi, what are you thinking about?"asked his father.

"Daddy, I'm not perfect, right?" replied Avyan.

Surprised by this uneven question dad asked," And why did you think it that way today, son?"

"You're perfect."Don't blend in when you're born to stand out." he added.

"See Avi, nobody in this world is perfect. Everyone has some or the other imperfections."

Even the moon? Avyan asked.

"Yes! even the moon has dark spots in it." His dad replied.

But you know what Avi, imperfections don't really matter if one does his part of work perfectly. His perfections should be such that those imperfections cannot be seen. His deeds, his words, his behavior, his purpose should be perfect.

"Avi, what's your name?" his father asked.

'Avyan', he replied genuinely.

"Do you know what your name means?" dad asked.

'No!' Avyan replied.

"It means ~ PERFECTION." His father said.

"But you said everybody has some imperfections." Asked Avyan.

Yes! I said so but i also said that they get hidden when perfections rules. And you my Son, you're IMPERFECTLY PERFECT. Because you never let your imperfections lead you. And so your perfections perfectly sparkle up. Explained his father.

"Imperfectly perfect?"

"What does that mean, daddy?" Avyan asked.

"It means your imperfections sum up to make a perfect you." dad answered.

"But....Avyan interrupted.

Avi! No more's late now. You will get all your doubts solved yourself at the perfect time. Now close your eyes and let's go the Space....

And Avyan felt asleep.

Likewise, days went on and on and Avi's questions also kept on reaching its highest level.

But every night would end with those same words....

His father would ask him the questions and he perfectly answering them would fall asleep.

What's your name?




And you're?


And now you're going to?


Little did Avyan knew that those words were not just words. The little boy did not realise that the same words that he kept answering to his dad every night were building up courage, belief, confidence, and much more in him. Little did he realise that those words turned into an inner voice over time that screamed louder every single day making him stronger and determined.

And years later, one fine day, the 26 years old young astronaut Avyan was murmuring the same words closing his eyes before he flew to space,

He imagined his father asking those questions and he perfectly answered them all to himself.....

You're? his dad's voice whispered in his head.

IMPERFECTLY PERFECT.......IMPERFECTLY PERFECT,,,,,,,,,IMPERFECTLY PERFECT..... repeatedly he kept murmuring. When

suddenly he noticed one thing, that it was not IMPERFECTLY PERFECT rather it sounded like " I' M PERFECTLY PERFECT."

He opened his eyes, tears rolled down by his cheeks as he understood that what his father actually meant.

He understood that the little imperfections in him made him pronounce it as IMPERFECT till that point of life. And the perfect time his father told him about was that moment itself when he realised his imperfections got hidden and 'I'M perfectly perfect' sparkled up. And all his doubts got cleared.

With a deep breath, and a big smile on his face

He screamed out loud to the last question.....


And somewhere between dreams and obstacles ~ Perfection won.

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