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Gujarati Flavour

Gujarati Flavour

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A Gujarati will always be a Gujarati !

Gujaratis are wonderful, social, friendly, warm, and down-to-earth people. Nobody can match them when it comes to hospitality. 

I have tremendous respect and admiration for my fellow Gujaratis and I am truly amazed by their enterprising and business skills. Every gujarati is a good manager & "Chanakya-like" at heart. No wonder they are literally running the nation. A day is not far away when they will run the entire world !

Having said this, I can tell you (based on my own experiences), that the following traits or characteristics of an average Gujarati can be quite embarrassing & irritating to say the least:

☆ At the peak of his hospitality, he orders a cup of tea for 2 persons (1/2 share) and serves you tea in a saucer (rakabi) which you cannot refuse !

☆ While sipping tea he makes a long whistling sound !

☆ He talks to you excitedly while chewing tobacco and keeps clearing and emptying his mouth partially every now and then !

☆ He has this habit of saying "chokkas" (which means sure) repeatedly without even listening to you completely. You can be then assured that he is not sure and invariably chokkas can become "non-chokkas" or achokkas !

☆ He will invite you for food (regular meal) and then keeps serving you bhel-poori until you become tired of waiting for the next item which is evading you !

☆ He says "thanks" when he is actually sorry and feels "sorry" when you oblige him !

☆ When you thank him profusely he says he will be careful next time !

All said and done let me tell you one gospel truth. If at any time you need help or shelter, you can always undoubtedly approach a gujarati !

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