Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

4 mins

Who are you? What is your name? Where do you want to go? Hey! You okay?" The guy in his late thirties with curly hair and expressive eyes was asking so many questions to Meera. But the girl who was faint on the floor was not at all in her senses to even reply to one of his question.

He opened her side back, in which he got the Identity Card with the same photo of the girl.

The 26 years old Software Engineer was working in one of the top IT Organization; Meera Bhagwat.

She snatched the ID card from his hand and without saying a single word grabs and get up in train. She didn't even sit on her window seat just to avoid the contact with everybody and sat near the door.

The same guy was staring to Meera all the time in a journey that has once helped her to come into her senses while she was faint on the platform floor. But Meera was in her own world.

The journey started with known strangers in silent mode."Hey Meera! This is Gaurav. Are you new to this place? Do you need any help?" Gaurav introduced to himself. "Hey! What happened?" Gaurav made conscious efforts to understand the fact.

"Can you do a favour on me? Can you please leave me alone? Who are you to ask me all of these questions? We meet just few minutes ago. Do you think I'm stupid enough to tell you about myself? I have already watched enough Crime investigations shows to protect myself, all right?" Meera reacted in an expected way.

He laughed out loud and said, "All right then. But to be honest let me tell you one thing, I'm a psychiatrist and I thought you are feeling lonely and depressed so just wanted to help you out, you know - "Find out lost Souls concept".

Meera looked into his eyes and said, "You can't understand this feelings"

"Yes. I do. Because I'm not just psychiatrist; but I was in depression. You just have to open the doors. Life is a journey. But still if you don't want to share, it is absolutely fine. I do respect your privacy." Gaurav stated in a very polite manner.

The moment he wanted to leave the place. The voice from behind stopped him.

"When I was on the way toward my dreams my biggest fear was to return back to the point from where I started my journey .But I have back to my old life and return back to the place from where I started dreaming. There are hundreds of contacts on my mobile but not having a single contact to whom I can share my feelings. There is emptiness in me. I don't want to live but can't even die. It is scary. I don't like myself." Meera open up everything to Gaurav but this time not just with her words but along with her tears."

"It seems complicated but you need to solve this complication. It is much more than that. Don't make life to suck your happiness. But you are the only in charge of your life, make it yours and only yours." Gaurav explained.

The journey ended with so many deep thoughts. Meera was still looking at Gaurav.

"I can't believe I found you to share everything. In fact you are a stranger to me." Meera stated.

Gaurav handed a card on which there were only clinic name - Lost Souls with address on it. It was in Mumbai.

They ended the journey but that stranger was all time in Meera's mind till she return back to Mumbai. Finally she remembers the card which Gaurav has offered her. She started searching the card and finally got it in her side bag. She has purchased the chocolate bag and flowers to thank Gaurav. She finally reached in the clinic," Lost Souls".

Receptionist informed Meera that it's her turn now. Meera felt excited to again meet Gaurav but for her surprise the psychiatrist in front of her was someone in his sixties. He smiled at Meera. Meera poured her heart out in front of psychiatrist to whom she meets just few seconds before and said was Gaurav your patient?

The psychiatrist looked at Meera but with lines on his forehead."How do you know Gaurav?" Psychiatrist asked."

I meet him couple of weeks back in Deharadun in train journey. In fact he is the one who has offered me your clinic card." Meera replied. "Do you know Gaurav? He is my son who committed suicide few years back in Deharadun. He was in depression. “Psychiatrist replied.

Meera lost her senses for few minutes she return back to home sat near the window .The night was silent enough to understand the power of her window. That was the window near which she was thinking about Gaurav till last night.

Meera sat near the window, lost in the thoughts whether Gaurav was really there or was dreaming about it. The stranger became the biggest mystery of her transformation. He has changed her life and left her behind with the question of his existence. She realized - It was all about the "Lost Souls".

She found the purpose for her life, to find the lost souls and help them to not take the Emergency Exit from life.

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