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Be a part of the contest Navratri Diaries, a contest to celebrate Navratri through stories and poems and win exciting prizes!

Dying To Meet You

Dying To Meet You

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Rahul and Aashna were very excited as they were going to celebrate their fifth marriage anniversary and ten years of knowing each other the very next day. They had planned a small party with family and close friends. Rahul left for office giving Aashna a tight hug and a kiss. ‘Aashu’ as Rahul lovingly called her, thought, why not give him a surprise with complete beauty makeover as all the preparations were almost done. So she just took her cell phone and her handbag and left quickly for her favourite salon. Rahul, on the other hand, was very busy that day as he was taking a day off tomorrow; so did not get time to call her. He thought, ‘I’ll call her once the meeting is over.’ 

In between the meeting, Rahul’s phone rang and he saw Aashu’s number flashing on the screen. He just disconnected the call and sent a message - Will call you back. It was a very usual thing which Rahul did while in a meeting and Aashu would wait for him to call back. But today even after sending the message, the phone rang once again and everybody in the meeting was staring at Rahul, so he excused himself and received the call. Irritated he said, ‘What Aashu, I am busy in a meeting, what is it that you can’t wait?’ But it was not Aashu, somebody else was on the phone.

Rahul thought, ‘Oh this girl must have dropped her cell phone somewhere, need to learn to take care of her things.’ But before he could say anything, a serious voice spoke from the other side- ‘Hello, am I speaking to Mr. Rahul?’ ‘Yes, what’s the matter?’ he asked. ‘Actually need to tell you something, a woman around 30 years of age has met with a severe accident while crossing the road. Her handbag and cell phone were lying on the road and so I just picked up and called the last dialed number. People have taken her to the Lifecare Hospital, please come quickly, her condition is critical.’ Rahul was in a state of shock. He was not in his senses, he just left everything and ran out of his office. A colleague called out, ‘Rahul wait, the hospital is 30 kms away, I’ll drop you.’

It took him around 50 minutes to reach the hospital but it seemed the longest 50 minutes journey of his entire life. Rahul rushed to the room where Aashu was kept. As he entered the room, he could not control his tears as he saw Aashu lying on the bed bandaged and bruised all over. He sat beside her. Aashu did not speak a word as tears rolled down her cheeks. It seemed she was just waiting to see her one last time and after that, she closed her eyes forever. As Rahul and Aashu had pledged to donate their eyes, the procedure was done. Rahul remembered Aashu always said that she wanted to see the world even after she closed her eyes forever. Rahul burst into tears recalling her words. He kissed her forehead for one last time and walked out quietly. The next day was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives but now it had turned out to be the worst day of Rahul’s life.

When Rahul returned to their flat, it was beautifully decorated for their anniversary party which was to be held the next day. Friends and family were also present but sadly the reason had changed. Everybody was very worried about Rahul as they all knew how madly Rahul and Aashu loved each other from their college days. They felt relieved when they saw Rahul sad but quite normal as if he had accepted the sad reality. Rahul talked about Aashu and their memories together. He had a glass of milk for dinner and closed the door of their bedroom. Everybody could hear him cry but knew it was not a grief that one could recover from in a day. After an hour or so, Rahul opened the door of his room and was ready to go somewhere with a bag in his hand. Everybody wanted to stop him but he requested, ‘Please, I need to go out for some time. Want to stay alone with Aashu’s memories, I request you not to stop me. I’ll be back by tomorrow morning. But Rahul’s father interrupted, ‘But beta, you know na Aashu’s body will be given to us tomorrow?’ ‘Dad, I promise I’ll be back before she comes. Please let me go,’ Rahul pleaded. His family members though unwillingly, still allowed him to go.

Rahul left. The night passed by on a heavy note. Till 5 am, when Rahul did not return, Rahul’s parents got anxious and tried to call him on his cell phone. But the rings were going unanswered. Then one of Rahul’s cousin told, ‘Uncle, somebody’s cell phone is ringing’, and it was Rahul’s cell phone. He had not carried it along. At this point, the family members had started panicking. They searched for Rahul in every possible place but he was nowhere to be found. Then suddenly Rahul’s cell phone rang flashing an unknown number. Rahul’s father ran to receive the call. Somebody from the other side said, ‘We have found a dead body of a man of around 30-35 years of age in the river nearby. A bag was found on the bridge above the river, which had an I-card and number of Mr. Rahul, so we called. Please come and check.’

Rahul father stood still in a state of shock. There was no mistake, it was indeed Rahul. His body was brought to the flat and an hour later, Aashu’s body arrived. ‘O Rahul, what have you done!’ cried out his parents and friends. ‘You promised you would come before Aashu’s body came and this is how you kept your promise. We really made a big mistake by allowing you to go alone.’ The police inspector handed the bag which had many photos of Aashu and Rahul in their good times together and a letter addressed to Aashu which they found in the bag while searching for the bag owner’s name. The letter was written by Rahul where some words were blurred as if Rahul’s tears had fallen on the letter while he was writing his last letter to Aashu.

It read- ‘Aashu my love, tomorrow is the greatest day of our lives. Our ten years of being together and loving each other. I know I have broken quite a few of my promises before, but, I can never break a promise of being with you on this special day. Our party is not canceled, only the location has changed now. Not here, but definitely up there, at a better place. Literally, dying to meet you soon. Love you more than words can ever express. Yours forever- Rahul.’ Everybody was crying as the lifeless bodies of Rahul and Aashu lay side by side. Yesterday, both of them were so excited about the party and within 24 hours, everything had changed. But one thing was for sure that they loved each other so much that they lived together and left this world for an even better world together.

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