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Dear Girls! With Love

Dear Girls! With Love

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To Dear Girls, 


There are two kinds of guys in this world; good guys and bad guys. No need to be philosophical that no one is bad and it is just situation. Admit it, there are good guys and the bad guys. Admit it; sometimes you girls make a wrong choice of choosing the bad guy over good guy. I am not going to criticise you here for that admittance. Just admit!


You girls have so many things to deal with, so many ‘this and that’. A guy can never imagine what's going on in your heart or mind when you make a choice (and if he has a little bit idea, he will never criticise or taunt you for your choice, he will always accept you the way you are). 

You are so soft by heart, your heart is like a butterfly, moving here and there, trying to find out what it actually wants and in this Zig Zag movement, it gets tired and settles down at a particular choice that is sometimes turns out as a bad choice. So, it is never your fault, everyone must admit it, too, especially the one who thinks you are not good at making choices.


Selecting a life partner is the biggest decision you will be taking in your near future. It is considered as a biggest decision because you and your future family's future would depend on this particular decision. So, never make a decision in hurry, never let your butterfly gets tired and settles down on a choice that you repent in future. Never make a decision when you are in hurry, pressurized by your emotions or family or you are upset about something. 


Just think about your family, about your children, while you are selecting a life partner as most of your life would revolve around him. You are not choosing a sex partner or an ATM machine (one who does have sex with you in the evening and give you money to spend in the morning), you are choosing a life partner and I hope you do understand what does 'life partner' means. 
He must know how to lift your mood, how to make you feel special, what not to do that hurts you and above all he must have endless love and trust in you.


You will, again, find many guys, who would do that, but do you think about your future family? Are you ready to take the whole responsibility of that on your shoulder? Or you want your life partner (this is life partner stands for) to be a partner in this, too.


You may not need a prince, but your children still need a dad who if not a prince, must stand by their side, understanding, motivating and supporting them at every thick and thin, treating them like they are the miracles happened to him.


Ask yourself, when you make a choice:


Who would tell bed time stories to your child?
Who would teach her how to read and write?

Who would hug her when she set downs to weep?
Who would kiss on her forehead when she falls asleep?

Who would tell her, she is a gem, like her mom?
Who would tell her, it is okay to be sometimes wrong?

Who would tell her stars are not the only ones in the sky?
Who would tell her, there is a whole  universe in her eyes?

Who would tell her, there is nothing to be afraid in dark?
Who would take her to jog in the park?

Who would be her best friend; a secret partner?
Who would be her saviour, her darling, her admirer?

Who would raise her like a princess?
Who would drop her school and pass flying kiss?

Who would remove her shoes when she gets back home?
Who would watch with her, her favorite ROMCOM?

Who would lift her mood when she is furious?
Who would satisfy her hunger when she is curious?

Who would pinch on her cheeks to irritate?
Who would go right when she asks to go left?

Who would be her teddy bear in her worst time?
Who would be her partner in crime?

Who would not impose a career on her?
Who would motivate her to listen her inner?

Who would wipe her tears when she is shattered?
Who would tell her happiness is the only thing that matters?

Who would meet her lover like a cool dad, not as a threat or danger?
Who would marry her off with someone she sees her stars with, with not a stranger?


Dear girls, it is not always about you, think who you are going to give to your children. They don’t need your sex partner or your ATM machine.


Much Love


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