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Tamanpreet Sodhi

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

Dear Dad...

Dear Dad...

2 mins

Brown was setting up a pile of books when he found a diary. By looking at it, he knew there was a crumpled page inside. So he opened it and set it right. Just when he was about to close it, he saw beautiful handwriting. Something thronged him to read it, so he started:

"12th January 2016.

10:00 a.m.

Dear Diary,

Today is Daddy's Birthday! With a lot of hard work, I made him a vanilla cake with his favorite chocolate chip topping and strawberry icing. How wonderful it looks! I wish Dad likes it too! He went to the grocery store a half-an-hour ago, so I am going to surprise him when he comes.

Dad is turning 38 today. He has always been my inspiration. When Mom died a few years back, I could see how he felt. Though he thinks I never see, I saw him shedding tears over mom's favourite dress. I know I miss Mom a lot. If she would have been here, then we would make a perfect family. But Dad misses Mom more than anyone. I hate to see Dad cry.

Yet he is the best for me. He never rejected to play with me too. No matter how busy he is, he always has time for me. Amidst all his worries, he has time for me. Every day I wake up thanking God for blessing me with such a wonderful father. He is my hero. He is my superman.

Oh! I can hear Dad's footsteps. He must have returned. Time for a surprise!

I will get back to you soon dearest diary. Love ya!



Tears dripped down Brown's cheeks. He understood that he had a perfect daughter. Yes! When his wife passed away leaving behind Ellen he felt he didn't have a reason to live except for his daughter. He was in a state of complete depression and wanted to end his life. But in a turn of events, his ten-year-old daughter kept a stop to his thoughts. She has taught him what it means to live. He valued his Ellen like never before. She is the world to him.

Brown is a happy man now. Not only that he is a proud father too!

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