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Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

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At times knowingly or unknowingly we are sabotaging the progress of a woman who we know. She may be a relative, a colleague, a friend...

It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman.... What matters is if you can relate to the few instances jotted below?

If yes, were you are a party to it?

And, if yes, can you ask yourself why?

Instance 1:

"Oh! You are wearing a new dress to impress him...", Sheila asked. "What?" What the hell? What does my dress have to do with him? I always dress well. You got to rewire your brain Sheila." Keya replied.

Instance 2:

"Oh... You want to study some more, get a doctorate... be successful in life.... Be financially independent... You are so greedy and over ambitious. There's this good guy just around the corner. Settle down now. What the hell are you waiting for? See, even I left my full-fledged career for marriage....It all happens you know... Just flow with it..., Shikha said. " I don't think I asked for your advice. What you did in your life is your business... What I have to do is mine. Simple? I think you are really insecure of what I am getting to do with my life." Priya replied.

Instance 3:

"Hey, I really like her.... Would you just brainwash her to believe that she is good for nothing in what she is doing. I mean see... we work together and I cannot be having her as a competition if we were to get involved... I am not going anywhere. I rock this place.... She needs to get the fuck outa here! Just do it for me will ya? Humiliate her in whichever way you can so that she never shows up again and then I can have her in my bed. I care a shit about marriage. Just 'Live in' ..." Rakesh said to Seema, Deepika's friend. He was talking about Deepika.

Instance 4:

"Honey.... Can you get the eggs and the toast ready. I really have to work on this submission right now. It's a last moment thing that has come up... I really need to focus." Vanshika said to her husband Varad. " Oh yeah... Why not? I will bake the bread as well. And then there is changing the diapers on today's list I guess? It is my duty to do all this so that you can fulfill your passion, isn't it?", Varad retorted.

"Yes... Why not? If I can find a house online and pay the bills and earn a salary, why can't you do some of the things that I do? You married me because I am an intelligent person capable of taking better decisions than you. That is what you appreciated all the way when we were dating... and now, you want to claim that things are not in perspective? Fuck you!", Vanshika blasted at Varad.

Your honest answers can help someone be who they want to be...

Be Good!

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