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Cheesy Tooth

Cheesy Tooth

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Fifteen years ago!

Hi, my name is nanhi and I study in class fifth. I love drawing, playing with daddy, and I love cheese, in fact, lots of cheese, hmnn.. yum, just looking at cheese I go jelly o...

Mommy! mommy!

Can I have a cheese sandwich? pretty please...

Mommy said no. Nanhi after you finish your homework, you can have it.

I jumped from one foot to other and asked if I can do the homework under breezing sui? ( sui was an autumn tree with large leaves and forming a canopy ). I ran to sui with my math notebook. Smiling

I looked up and enjoyed the flying bird and clouds playing and finish my homework, and fist pumped, shouting like I just won a battle.

At that mommy enter the lawn with my dear cheeeeeeeesy sandwich.

Oh! My

Just the moment I was waiting for.

In my mind, mommy was dressed like a fairy godmother coming from heaven straight towards me. I grin ear to ear when she handed me the soooo heavenly sandwich. I took a mouthful bite and relish it.

Oh, I am in cheesy land wow! Just wow...

When I open my eye and mommy was looking amused and asked

Where have you just gone cheese bizzy?

I laughed at her and said gone to cheese land,

And we both laughed and laughed.

She messed my hairs with hand and went to the kitchen,

I pout at her.

Soon my concentration drifts to the sparrow, who was chirping like treep, treep. I mimic it and hummed my fly birdsong and sparrow took the flight.

In the evening I was taking to sui about Rohan the bully and annoying boy at school. Yesterday he pulled my hair and when I was about to complain Miss Annie. He made a face and yell I was being duffed.

I felt very bad and cried .....

Suddenly I was in the air and two hands were swinging me in circles

I shriek in excitement daddy...

Daddy turns me in his arms and kissed me on cheeks and ruffled my hairs. I posted I don't know what's with elders ruffling hairs, I am not a baby anymore.

Daddy put me down and showed me three story books.

One of them was owl the bright. I smiled at him but he also had some other books in his hands.

I eyed at the books and he said they are cook and baking books for mommy.

I had a Cheshire cat smile on my face. I grab a book from daddy and ran to the kitchen. Daddy laughed and shouted from behind to slow down, but I had wheels running, I bolted to mommy.

Mommy turned and I leap to her stabbed the book to her.

She raised an eyebrow, at this I dreamily looked at her, and then the train went on...

Mommy, I chirped.

She said yes and I launched my questions at her.

Mommy will you make me cheesy (pizza, rolls, tarts, pancakes) from this books.

At this, she smiled and said maybe.

Hann? I pouted, she turns to continue work and said maybe again.

I rolled my eyes and took my walk to daddy.

At night daddy set me in bed and narrated owl the bright to me.

I giggled when Olf the owl fall on large tree bark and rolled down the hill. Daddy animates the story with hands moving comically.

Soon my eyelids become heavy and I drift to sleep.

Daddy kissed my forehead and said goodnight to me.

I was in cheesy land, lalalalala, I jump up and down and run to cream fall (waterfall but not water it had to cream it). I started giggling, mommy didn't believe me about cheese land. But here I was.

I move towards the giant cheesecake but, but, someone pulled me back, back, I turn around and Rohan was grumbling annoyingly and put his hands on his chest. I narrowed my eyes at him.

Rohan: Why are you here?

Me: It's my cheese land, Why are you here.

Rohan: Are you mad, you are a duff, stupid, silly girl, this can't be your cheese land, It's for smart kids.

Me: But I scored more than you in maths, I am smarter than you.

Rohan: No, you are the nosy girl.

Ok, I will not pull his hair, I will not pull his hair. I kept chanting it.

But it was useless, he kept insulting me. I launched myself on him and get him down with a thump. I pull his hair. He starting crying throw his hands in the air. Requested to free him.

What a golden moment, victory. I feel like a heroic warrior. I freed him. He stands and stomped his way ahead.

Finally, I was the winner. I turn and gracefully walk towards the cake.

But it was far-reaching. I ran towards it, but it was a far cry.

I kept shouting for my cake, soon it disappeared.

Nooooooooooooooooooooo, oh no.

Suddenly I open my eyes, I was in the room. Oh, fish it was a dream.

I smiled at myself silly me. I sat up and quickly finished my business in the bathroom. And bolt to the kitchen, and open the fridge, and oh no, no. This can't be happening. My upper lip started to quiver. No cheesecake on my birthday. My nightmare comes true. I sadly turn around.

Daddy comes out of the room, lifted me in his arms, and asked me what was wrong?. I asked where is my birthday cake. I pouted but started laughing. He said to close my eyes and a song surrounded me,

Happy birthday to you. I open my eyes and mommy come with a beautiful cheesecake and lighting candles on it.

Oh my. I was soooooooo happy. I blow the candles and cut the cake, took a piece and dump in my mouth. And hmm, heaven...

Daddy and mommy had their mouth dropped open. I look at them and said that it's my birthday.

They started laughing at me.With cake all over my mouth a smile at them. Daddy pull out his phone for snaps, asked what do we say.

I smiled said cheeeeeeesese. Click, click.

After that, I quickly get ready for school and mommy put cake in the box in small pieces. Daddy asked me to share with everyone.

But I said that I will not share my cake with Rohan. Daddy put hands on my shoulders and said I must offer him a piece of cake, may he will become my friend.

Now ...

I will be starting for my college. Guess who is my best friend now, beside sui, yes Rohan, unbelievable right.

Daddy and I still laugh at my silly dreams and I am still his cheesy bizzy.

"Once a cheesy tooth, always a cheesy tooth"

Dedicated to my sweetie nannhi.................

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