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Prashant Subhashchandra Salunke

Drama Tragedy


Prashant Subhashchandra Salunke

Drama Tragedy

Because of Me

Because of Me

4 mins 164 4 mins 164

"What?" Even the walls of prison shivered by the scream of Driver Raghu. And then the flow of tears started. Kamli, wife of Raghu had said such uncertain thing. To confirm that what she has said is true, he inquired again, "Are you telling truth? Is he no more?"

Kamli wiped her tears and said, "Yes, He died in a car accident this morning."

Raghu asked, "How did the accident happen?"

Kamli replied, "Today in the morning he asked for the car from Sir, to go to his friend's house. Sir was busy, and you are in prison, so he had no other option except giving him the keys of the car. He went for a drive with his friend, and suddenly he got frightened by the truck coming from the opposite side and lost control over the steering. Car went down under the truck and he died on the spot. Whoever has witnessed the accident was saying that it was a very bad accident... His dead body was brought out by tearing the....."

Raghu kept his hands on his years and screamed, "Enough Kamli Enough... Now I can't listen.. Just stop it... The one whom we raised with so much affection, he died such a miserable death." And after thinking a bit Raghu hit his head on the bars of prison and said, "It all happened because of Me. Kamli, it's just because of me. I'm the one to be blamed... I'm the sinner."

Kamli said to Raghu, "No Raghu, not at all. Keep patience... What's your mistake? Sir ned to understand it. That he shouldn't give a car to 15 years old. It isn't a toy that kid demands it and you give it to him. The elders need to understand."

Raghu said, "Yes Kamli, but if I wasn't in prison today then today he might be alive. So whatever has happened, it's because of me. I'm the sinner."

Kamli said with displeasure, "Even you're in prison in the case of an accident. You crushed two school students under your car... Their parents are blaming you... It wasn't murder, it was an accident, you proved it in court so you received imprisonment of just three years. But keep in mind that justice is remaining in the court of Lord. What is ought to happen, it will happen. If you were out, then even you would've died with him. Even you don't know how to drive." Kamli said the last sentence with anger.

Raghu started crying and said, "No Kamli, No. With his death, God did justice." Keeping his hands on his head Raghu said, "God, you could've punished me. Why did you punish him?" and he looked at Kamli and said, "Kamli, it has happened because of Me. Just because of Me."

Kamli: "Enough is enough. Don't blame yourself. I'm going. The time of the visit is about to get over."

Kamli was leaving at that time her steps were stopped by Raghu's plea.

Raghu said, "Kamli, listen.. Don't tell to anyone. The day the accident happened; I didn't go to the job itself. I was out with my friends, I'd lied to you. Where I was, don't ask me that! But that day suddenly I got a call from Sir that, Raghu wherever you're, come as soon as possible. When I reached his home, Sir told me that his son has killed two people in an accident. The people there have noted the no. of cars. Police will arrive anytime, so I have to tell them that I was driving the car, and in return, he will give me 10 lakh rupees. It is the case of an accident, so imprisonment would be less. According to section 304/A, I will get imprisonment for just three or four years, and after that, I'll get a double salary. I didn't agree. At that time Sir told me that if I'll not get agreed then his son's future would be in trouble, and the cops will keep him in remand room. I melted with his pleas. I agreed with him. If Kamli, I wouldn't have agreed to him then I wouldn't have been in prison. His son would've got punishment. And it's obvious that if he was in prison, he couldn't have demanded the car. And he would've been safe. That's why I'm telling you Kamli that he died just because of me. I wish I could've gathered the courage to decline his offer."

And Kamli said wiping her tears, "And Sir would've been with his Son....."

Walls of prison became wet with their tears.

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