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Venkatesh R



Venkatesh R




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Dear diary, 

Today it was an unusual day after the routine work had an online session on domestic violence twitter handled by by Shruti mam and.

The chat was quite useful with a lot of discussion from people from various, country, various cultures and across age groups.

The session contained various questions 


 What impact is the #covid19 pandemic having on victims of domestic violence? 

What can we as a community do you ensure that domestic violence survivors stay as safe as possible during the lockdown a

Share a government program or policy in your country to help victims of domestic violence

How does this pandemic impact reporting of and response to domestic violence cases? 

What is one thing or tip that is helping you cope with this pandemic?

With the pandemic, lockdown domestic violence increased, there have been a lot of complaints and abuse has increased within the homes.

There hasn't been a viable program in India to address DV, but there are helplines available and one to seek women commission or go for help apart from the police.

Intervention from neighbors help, 

seeking help from trusted one does help,

Moreover, the community shares the path and encourages the victim to fight back.

With the lockdown, DV increased but some countries have rules that keep the abuser away, etc.. Whereas other countries are working on the complaint and yet to draft a program.

With the help of technology, people started working from home, they have discovered their new potentials, but it has uncovered the devil which wore the mask as well.

The DV, is a long-lasting crime against women, irrespective of status, nationality, and religion.

We have changed the way a daughter has been raised but failed to change how a son needs to be raised.

We need to raise a child in one way, be a boy or girl this needs to be done at an early age with meditation.

We as a warrior against DV, have a lot to do, but if this thought gets spread as a rumor it can change the upcoming generation.

The parents need to narrate bedtime stories with a message and school should as well need to have assignments and competitions on how a gender needs to be treated.

The need is to have strong laws that protect the gender against DV and people having awareness of it, but the long solution is to address it with psychology and education.

The solution for a DV is a policy and teamwork if the idea reaches the teachers, HR, students, and word of mouth it can change the way a child gets raised with resilience and empathy towards fellow beings.

It's just a matter of persistence and commitment to protecting the fellow soulmates, beating them doesn't make one superior.

I hope everyone joins hands, in this war against this virus DV.

Be a man, by being human!

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