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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

An Extraordinary Love Story

An Extraordinary Love Story

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Excerpt: This funny Hindi story is about Jacky and Kammo and their love... Jacky is a foreign breed dog, his owner is worried because he ran away from the park.

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I had a dog chain in my hand and I was looking here and there. The dog had disappeared, or say, it had run away. My brain had ceased to work, as I had taken Jackie’s chain from the hand of Srishti with a view to impress on her. Srishti was jogging and was expected to return any moment after completing her round. I searched the whole park running, but I could not get the trace of my dog. Srishti saw only the chain in my hands and screamed loudly. Half of the park started paying attention to us instead of focusing on their health

Samar, where's Jackie?”- Srishti was in fierce rage while I was looking for a corner, to hide from the gaze of the public.."He'll be back now" - I tried to pour down water on her anger."I will not go back home, until Jackie comes back, where will be my baby ... did not eat even a biscuit from the morning". Srishti sat on the park bench.

It was not that I was not an animal lover, but this Jackie had made so much important in Srishti’s life which I could not make till today. That's why it was the only animal, which I envied. Well, the wife had given the order and the husband had to go. This tradition of obedience to husbands is coming from Satyuga. On the orders of Sita Ji, Rama set out in search of the deer, and in Kalyug I set out in search of a dog. Well, instead of walking I ran, asked about Jackie in one of the shops that were open nearby.

"Look, brother, If I care for the dogs only, who will care for the customers? Do you have brains? ... You come for time pass, early in the morning..." That person would have liked to say something more, but I immediately left that place. A little distance away I saw a Paan shop.

Before going to the Paan shop, let me tell you something about the Paan shop. ... Paan shop is a place where there are a lot of things in addition to making and eating Paan (betel leaf). A daughter of so and so person has run away with a boy of the locality. Whether the boy was a loafer or that particular girl was of a bad character since she used to come home late at night, the details of everything were available with the owner of the Paan shop or say Paanwala. Some Of the things were not even known to the boy or the girl. The owner of the Paan shop would be narrating while applying katha and lime on the betel leaf. The police required such information to find any culprit. So the Paan shop has great importance in society.

I also went to the owner of the Paan shop to find out about Jackie and cried out my woes before him. I asked Paanwala to make a Paan. There is a rule in such shops that they will not come to the point of issue until something is bought from that shop”. "Pomeranian dog, white in color....hmm ... he ran 10-15 minutes ago ..." - The Paanwala started telling about the things which he had witnessed. My eyes got brightened with happiness.

"There is a brown bitch, Kammo, very mischievous. There are two stray dogs Kallu and Brown who run after her wagging their tails. But how will Kammo get fascinated by them? From the beginning, she has not indulged in local breeds. She has always liked the dogs of foreign breeds. Till last month Tommy came to this park. Just by looking at him at the park, she would sit outside the park from the morning. "

I was wondering the way the Paanwala was giving the whole life history of Kammo as if I was going to have an alliance for my son and had asked about the girl's character. Well, I continued listening.

"Yes, Bhai Saheb .... But Tommy had a scandal with Julie. Alsatian was a bitch. Just when Kammo came to know of this, to get the love, Kammo got upset with Julie and hit the face of Julie with its nails. When Tommy came to know about this matter, whatever little wagging of tails he did before, seeing Kammo, stopped.

She started becoming slimmer. Kallu and Brown laughed at the poor bitch Kammo. They teased her calling “Bow” “ Bow”  “foreign breed “foreign breed”.Then came your dog, Jackie. One day Jackie wagged his tail seeing Kammo. It looked as if Kammo's sleeping love woke up .After many days Kammo could eat bellyful of biscuits.Otherwise, people used to offer food to Kammo , but she was never seen touching them. Is he a man or an astrologer? I could not make out. For his achievements, he should have got at least Padma Bhushan

"For the last 10-15 days, the fire was on both sides. I knew that if not today, tomorrow she will run away with your Jackie “Did you know beforehand?" - I was curious.

"I can tell, sniffing the dead body, the reason for the sad death. After all, this is a simple thing. And listen, because of the fear of you people, Jackie had not taken this step yet. Especially your wife, who used to hold her chain tight. Many times Kammo's mind prompted it to bite your wife's face but kept silent seeing Jackie. See today, she has eloped with him. Brother, we must admire Kammo, she was stubborn and laid her hands only on foreign breeds”

I did not talk further about the issue ... "Yes, my dog?" The Paanwala giving the betel nut said. "Do not worry. Your dog is foreign, will come back after having fun and frolic. Had it been local there would have been a problem. By now he might have come. Foreign breeds do their jobs fast.

It gave me some consolation to know that my dog is of foreign breed. Brother fun an frolic are their birthrights. I came back to the park. The wife was sitting on a bench, sipping coconut water. Seeing me with only the chain she asked me about Jackie...

Don’t worry. He has reached home and is waiting for us.” I told this with full of self-confidence.

No sooner we entered the lane a brown colored bitch came out . After reaching home we saw Jackie standing near the door, wagging his tail, seeing the bitch.

I ran towards Jackie and hugged him.

- END-

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