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Reenika Gholkar

Children Stories Fantasy


Reenika Gholkar

Children Stories Fantasy

Adventures in Disneyland-2

Adventures in Disneyland-2

22 mins 276 22 mins 276

1. Hazel

Hazel was having a good day, but today the girls didn't seem in a good mood. Hazel had to shout now and then at them to keep their ball dribbling. Brielle came running towards her. 'Captain, can we h-have water break?' She asked, panting and gasping for breath.

'Why are you asking her?' Adeline sneered. 'We can drink water on our own.'

'Adeline, you didn't even practice.' Hazel said sternly. 'What's wrong with you guys today? Coach Marie is not there, so I am taking practice. Are you all not okay with that?'

'Nothing captain.' Paris said, panting. 'Water break.'

Hazel rolled her eyes. Like this, they would never win the championships against Kent Primary Academy. She could already see Isla, the captain of Kent Primary, sneering at her. 'How's it going, Stuart? Your girls are not going to win, even if you practice.'

'Shut up, Isla.' Hazel snapped. 'Slytherins never win.' And she walked away. The Kent Primary students wore green uniforms so she called them Slytherins.

'Hey, there is a new player coming up!' Scarlett said, running towards them. Hazel's heart stopped beating. New player! They needed one, in place of Adeline.

A very beautiful girl with brown eyes and smooth brown hair gathered in a cute ponytail came walking in the court. She came towards Hazel.

'Um....... Are you the captain? she asked. 'I am Jessica.'

'It's her first day in Lakewood Academy.' Scarlett said, jumping up and down. 'I saw her playing basketball- And her moves are awesome!'

Before Hazel could say anything, Isla spoke from the net that separated their courts, 'New girl, huh? So bad she came in a stinking team like yours. You can come in my team if you want. We have high quality basketballs, maintained........

'No.' Jessica snapped. Her gaze went towards the sprinkler at Isla's feet. The sprinkler burst and Isla was covered in water. She ran away.

Hazel stared at Jessica in awe. 'How did you.....

'Nothing.' Jessica said nervously. 'Coincidence, maybe.'

But Hazel knew something was with this girl. She fidgited with her locket. It had a beautiful pendant.

'Uh.... Sorry.' She said, looking up. 'Let's play.'

Jessica played basketball so nicely, even Hazel was struck. 'You are in our team.'

'Um.... who was that girl?' she asked.

'Isla.' Hazel said, gritting her teeth. 'Our opponent.'

'Oh.' Jessica said. 'Not good.'

'Um... Jessica, are you coming with me and Paris to a cafeteria?' Hazel asked.

'Yeah, sure!' Jessica said. They walked out of the court and on the streets. Jessica kept fidgiting with her locket, as if waiting for someone. Suddenly, her phone beeped. She read the message- first she was happy, but then he shoulders tensed. 'Um.... Paris, can I talk to Hazel alone in the cafeteria?'

Paris frowned, but said, 'Yeah, you go.'

'What happened?' Hazel asked.

'Just come with me.'

They went inside, and Jessica sat next to a blond boy. She invited Hazel too. 

'So, you come to meet me after a month huh?' Jessica said.

The boy smiled. 'Sorry, Jess....' Then his eyes fixed on Hazel. 'We have to get to the point.'

Jessica nodded. Hazel was confused.

2. Jessica

Jessica was really pleased that Joshua had come here. But the problem was that he had come with another emergency. He explained Hazel how they had defeated Maleficent. Hazel seemed to listen. 

'So, now you are also chosen.' Joshua said. 'We have to defeat Hades and Mal.'

'Uh..... how do I believe all of this is true?' Hazel asked.

'We will take you there.' Jessica offered. 'Come here.'

They went in a corner in the cafeteria. Joshua closed his eyes and concentrated. The blue portal opened again. They went in. Hazel gasped. They were standing in the ballroom again.

'I-I bel-lieve you.' She stuttered. 'But I can't see any princesses.'

'They went in their own stories, again.' Jessica said. 'Well, Joshua how did you know that Hazel is chosen?'

'Miley.' He said.

'Okay, I will help you and all.' Hazel said in a trance. 'But we have to go to the Academy again. Our classes should start now.'

Jessica knew Hazel was trying to escape, just like she wanted to. But she flashed a smile and said, 'Okay. Joshua, open the portal.'

Joshua closed his eyes for like 5 minutes, but the portal still didn't open. 'Oh no!' He said. 'The portal will not open till we not complete our challenge!'

'Oh, boy.' Jessica said, looking at Hazel. 'I am sorry, I didn't know.....

'Is this some kind of trap?' She asked. 'And, even if it's not, I am not interested in helping princesses......

'It's not a trap, You can't go until you complete the challenge with us.' Jessica said. 'And, by the way, I am also not interested in saving those stupid girls with ball gowns and heavy makeup.'

Joshua sneered. 'You haven't changed at all.'

'But then, why do you do it?' Hazel asked. 'I mean, besides being trapped.'

Jessica's eyes stung. 'I do it..... For my parents.'

Hazel raised her eyebrow, but didn't asked anything, and Jessica was pleased about that. She didn't want to get all emotional and cry again.

'Duh, so we are trapped.' She said. 'Would it affect time outside the world? I mean, if we take this challenge for a day or two, would they understand....

'No.' Joshua said.

'Okay, so let's start!' Hazel said.

Jessica was surprised. 'Aren't you mad at me?'

'Us.' Joshua chimed in.

'No.' She said. 'I love adventure!'

This was weird. Usually, people were struck or scared after coming here. But Hazel seemed okay with it. Something was wrong.

'And I want to ask you,' Hazel said, looking at Jessica, 'How did you burst the water sprinkler which was at Isla's feet?'

'I have water power.' She said, summoning a little water in her hand.

'Whoa.' Hazel said.

'Okay, let's get going.' Joshua said. 'You need any weapon? like, sword, dagger,........

'I already have one.' Hazel said, as she removed a dagger from her bag.

'How do you.....

'For self protection, you know.' She said, but Jessica knew something was unusual about her.

3. Joshua

Hazel walked straight towards the entrance of disneyland. This was weird. People usually didn't see the entrance unless they had entered it.

'How do you.....

'Okay, I have come here before.' Hazel said. 'But I am not from the Disney world. Come behind me.'

They walked behind her into the tunnel. Jessica held his hand and whispered in his ear, 'Should we trust her?'

'I think so, just follow her.' Joshua whispered back. They walked, and finally came at a point where the tunnel was divided into three ways. Each of them had a logo on the top. The left one had a logo of one knife in the middle, and a spoon and a fork crossing it. The one in the middle had the Disney logo and the one on the right had the deathly hallows sign.

'Isn't that the deathly hallows sign?' Joshua asked. 'Harry Potter?'

Hazel nodded. 'There are other worlds too, besides this. The one on the left....

'Just Add Magic cookbook logo!' Jessica and Joshua said together.

'Yes.' Hazel said. 'Sorry, I didn't tell you, but I am a protector.'

'Wow!' Jessica said.

Hazel zipped her bag open and pulled out a book which was very old. The cookbook. And below it were various spices....

'Taurian Thyme, Livonian Sage...... wow Hazel!' Joshua said.

'You watched it?' Jessica asked.


'So, I think our challenge is to.....

'Save these three worlds!' Joshua said. 'Miley had said something like that!'

Just as Joshua said that, the cookbook's logo glowed and it flipped open. On the page was a drawing- A girl with dark, curly black hair, a girl with smooth brown hair, and a boy with blond hair.

'That's us!' Hazel exclaimed. 'We are the protectors!'

'When did you get the book?' Jessica asked. 

'Two days ago.' Hazel said. 'I even cooked bitter truth truffles.'

'And the spices?' Joshua asked.

'I don't know...... just appeared in my room.' Hazel said.

'This is so cool!' Jessica said. 'But what are we gonna do next? we don't even have anything on which we can cook....

Hazel rummaged through her bag. 'We have it. Everything related to cooking comes out of this bag.'

'But Joshua said something about Mal and Hades....

'Yeah.' Joshua agreed. 'Mal- Maleficent's daughter, and Hades is her husband. They are plotting a plan against us. And what- I don't know.'

But what Joshua feared was bigger than anything. If Jessica found out that he had been with Hazel for a month- she was gonna kill him.

4. Jessica

'Okay so are we staying here for the night?' Jessica asked. 'Aren't we going in the tunnel?'

'No.' Hazel said. 'Let's stay here.'

Jessica was not liking Hazel at all. How could she be so carefree? And now she was popping a bubblegum and scrolling through her phone? Duh. Joshua didn't seem in the mood, too. He was just flipping through the cookbook, but he seemed to hide something. Jessica knew what to do. She quietly peeked in Joshua's bag. After a lot of finding, she got it. Bitter truth truffles- Jessica was not sure, but at least they looked like bitter truth truffles. But, with that she found a photo- Joshua and Hazel cooking in a kitchen? Together? Without even bothering to invite her? Great.

She didn't have time to think about it. She took a thermos flask, poured hot water in two glasses and dissolved the truffles in it.

'Coffee?' She asked. She handed one cup to Hazel and one cup to Joshua. They took a sip.

'Bitter!' Joshua said.

'You spelled us, didn't you?' Hazel said. 'Truth truffles dissolved in water?'

'Yes.' Jessica said. 'And you tricked me. Joshua where were you for a month?'

He tried not to answer, but the truth truffles were working. 'With Hazel. Cooking recipes from the cookbook.'

'Why? Do you know her?' Jessica asked.

'Yes. She is my classmate. She invited me one day to tell that I was a protector.' He said

'Didn't bother to invite me? Well, I don't have any problem with you two spending time together, but I am the third protector. The cookbook belongs to me too.' Jessica said.

'Well, I asked Hazel and she didn't tell me that you were the third protector. She didn't trust you. So I didn't call you.' He said.

'Great. So just because a classmate doesn't trust me, you will not trust me, huh?' Jessica said.

'Hey, no, Jess.....

Jessica swung her bag on her shoulders. 'Enjoy cooking with your new....... friend.'

'Hey, Jessica wait!' Joshua said walking upto her. 'Please, I'm sorry.'

'No, you only need me to complete the challenge.' She said. 'We're not friends anymore.'

'Jessica, I.....

'Just leave me alone.' She said.

He shrugged. 'Fine. Take your time.'

Jessica leaned against the wall. She sighed. Joshua wasn't like that. Was Hazel spelling him? Suddenly, from the corner came- what??? Jessica couldn't believe her eyes. Another Jessica? But anything was possible with magic.


Before she could react or even say 'Who', she went inside the wall. Yeah, literally inside the wall. Trapped. It was a very small and dark space. Sweat beaded on Jessica's forehead. She didn't like being in small tight and dark places.

5. Hazel

Joshua paced back and forth. He was starting to understand things now. But it was too late.

'You cursed me, right?' He said. 'So that I work with you.'

Hazel popped her bubblegum. 'Yes.' she said. 'Needed someone to cook.'

'How can you be so bad!?' He said. 'We have to.....

Hazel knew now she had to curse him. She pulled out the juice and sipped it.

'Seriously?' Joshua said. 'You sipped juice with bubblegum? anyways, I have to see Jessica.... ' He stopped and scratched his head. 'What was I saying?'

'Nothing.' Hazel said. 'Do you remember anyone named Jessica?'

'No.' He said.

Hazel felt like to dance. The curse worked pretty well. Ofcourse, Caroline had trained her. And she was an expert in making people forget things. Now, the poor claustrophobic Jessica would either faint, or die- Yes, she would die because of the lack of oxygen. Perfect. Now she could impress Caroline.

'C'mon Joshua, let's go in the tunnel.' She said.

'Yeah, let's go.'

They walked in Saffron Falls.

6. Jessica

Darkness was pressing on her. She was gasping. It was getting worse, when someone walked in through the wall. Yeah. Weird. Jessica shone her flashlight. She couldn't see clearly, but she hoped it was Joshua.

'Are you okay?' the voice of a girl said. She had heard that voice somewhere.

'Uh, can you help me get out?' Jessica asked. She knew not to trust anybody, but she had no choice.

'Yeah.' The girl said. She handed her something which felt like a waffle. 'It's walk through wall-fle.'

Jessica ate it, took a deep breath and walked. Yes, she walked through the wall. Jessica was so pleased to come out of that place. Then she saw the girl- She had ginger coloured hair, a freckled face and bright green eyes.

'D-darbie O'brien?' She stuttered.

'Yeah, that's me.' Darbie said. 'You and me have almost same fears. I also don't like to be trapped alone. You know, while facing my fear I was trapped in a bush alone.'

'Yeah.' Jessica said. 'Saw that episode. But what are you doing here?'

'Came out of Saffron Falls. But thank god I found you. Who are you?' Darbie asked.

'I am Jessica. I am a protector.'

'Great!' she said. 'So, you must know Hazel.'

'Yeah, she is very bad.' Jessica said. 'Always pops bubblegum and....

Jessica looked around. There was no sight of Joshua, Hazel and the cookbook. 'Oh no! Hazel must have cursed him! Again!!??'

'What?' Darbie said. 'But Hazel is with Kelly and Hannah! She came at Kelly's telling that the cookbook is missing.'

'Then that Hazel which is with us is not the real Hazel.' Jessica said. 'We have to go find Joshua!'

'They must be at Mama P's.' Darbie said. 'C'mon.'

They went into the tunnel. It was clearly Saffron Falls. They walked until they reached Mama P's. Sure enough, Jessica spotted Joshua. 'Hey, Joshua!' she said.

'I don't know you.' He said.

Jessica looked at Hazel. 'You......

She ate what looked like teleporting tamales, and disappeared. But she left the cookbook and the spices. Jessica grabbed the bag. 'What should we do? He doesn't even remember me.'

'We have to cook I can recall quiche.' Darbie said. 'Jake, take care of your customer please.'

Jake groaned. 'Another magic mystery, i guess.'

'What is going on?' Joshua said.

'Everything will be okay.' Jessica said. 'Trust me. Bye.'

Jessica and Darbie ran to Kelly's house. They rang the bell. Grandma Quinn opened the door.

'Darbie!' she said. 'Looks like you bought a friend.'

'Long story Grandma Q.' Darbie said. 'Another magic mystery to solve.'

They ran upstairs and burst into Kelly's room.

'Darbie, you are late.' Hannah said. 'Wait, who is she?'

They sat on Kelly's bed as Darbie and Jessica explained everything. The real Hazel was with them too.

'We don't have time.' the real Hazel said. 'Let's cook.'

They flipped open the book. 'I can recall quiche.' Jessica said. 

Hazel and Jessica started cooking while Darbie, Hannah and Kelly guided them. Finally, it was done.

After that, they sat around to discuss.

'So, you saw a duplicate of you.' Hannah said.

'Yes.' Jessica said. After the discussion, they came to a conclusion that Caroline was tricking them with her followers.

'We better get going.' Hazel said. 'Joshua must've been waiting for us.'

They said goodbye and Hazel and Jessica went to Mama P's. It was kinda weird going with the good Hazel.

'Joshua!' Jessica said, running to the table. She offered him the quiche. 'Eat this.'

'How do I trust you?' He asked.

Jessica showed him the locket he had given her. Then he nodded. 'Okay.... maybe I know you.'

7. Joshua

Joshua took a bite and closed his eyes. Flashbacks came to his mind:

He and Jessica dancing, fighting a monster, walking in snow, holding hands in dark...... and the last one made his heart flutter. They both leaning in.

He stood up. 'Jessica!'

'Finally!' she said. 'C'mon, we have to solve the mystery here, and it would be a very little mystery because we are from disneyland. So let's do it. After that we can go to Miley.'

'I don't like small mystery.' Hazel said, frowning.

Joshua ignored her. 'C'mon, we have to find a duplicate Hazel roaming around in the city.'

They walked side by side, his shoulder brushing with Jessica's. Hazel kept doing some stupid spy moves and kept lecturing them. Then they came on a lonely road. Hazel hid behind a wall. Joshua and Jessica followed her.

'Look, there!' she said, pointing to the duplicate Hazel. 'I am going to crush her.'

'Shut up, Hazel.' Jessica said. 'I know what to do. Just don't say the word 'magic.''

She rummaged through the bag and found the juice- the same one Hazel had used to curse Joshua. Joshua understood her plan. She sipped her juice.

'Okay, don't say the m word.' Jessica warned. Then she stepped forward, the cookbook in her hand.

'Caroline, I can give you this cookbook, if you tell me why you want it.' she said.

Caroline laughed. 'You are the protectors, still you don't know that the book is magical......

Caroline simply walked away muttering, 'What am I doing with these children?'

Now Jessica turned to the duplicate Hazel. She turned into herself- A girl with curly red hair. Her expression was hard to read- surprised, then outraged.

'GIVE ME THE COOKBOOK!' she said. Jessica was stunned too, because she froze in her place.

Joshua had to take her name a dozen times before she came to know that the girl was charging her. She dodged her and came running towards Joshua. 'Find the portal!' she said, panting. Joshua concentrated. The portal opened, because the very small mystery (as Jessica had said) was solved. They walked in.

They came out on the river bank.

'That mystery was the most boring mystery I had ever solved or seen!' Hazel said.

'Well, because we are from Disneyland.' Jessica said, 'We have to solve bigger mysteries here. Forget about that. I am tired now. Let's go to Miley.'

8. Jessica

They reached Miley's home after a lot of walking, which made Jessica more exhausted.

'Hey guys!' Miley said like they had come to her house for party. 'Wassup?'

'Rest.' Jessica said.

'Oh, yes, you know the room upstairs.' she said. 'Till then, those who want to talk with me, come.'

'Hey, do you like avengers?' Hazel asked.

'I love 'em!' Miley said, as they sat on the sofa talking about avengers. Weird.

Joshua went in his room. Jessica too decided to go upstairs, but she took the cookbook with her. She had to investigate.

Jessica sat on the bed with the cookbook. 'Okay, book. Here's your friend. Please tell me how I can access my memories.'

The cookbook flipped open. 'Pho-tographic Memory soup. Yes. Kelly cooked this.'

She removed Taurian coriander seeds and Livonian cloves, as written in the recipe. She went downstairs, in the kitchen.

'Hey, Jess.' Hazel said. 'What are you doing? Cooking?'

'Yes.' She said. 'Accessing my memories.'

'You sure?' Miley said. 'Magic is dangerous.'

'Kelly had cooked this.' Jessica said. 'So, I know. And it's just a soup. You guys enjoy.'

After what took like 15 mins, the soup was ready. Jessica went in her room and sat on the bed. She took a deep breath, and took her first sip.

She remembered going to carnival with her parents, but they were always kept glancing back. Jessica opened her eyes. A tear rolled down her cheek. Only if she knew it at that time.....

She took another sip, and remembered being in the dark kitchen- The day her parents died. But this time, she could hear more clearly.

'If she sacrifices her memories of the one she loves, she would stop my daughter and husband for like 50 years. Love makes us weak. Only a h...... Maleficent was saying.

She couldn't hear what was further, because someone was calling her name. But that wasn't her parent's voice. She opened her eyes.

Joshua was standing there, shaking her. 'Wake up!'

'Uh, sorry.' Jessica said. He snatched the soup from her and threw it in the dustbin.


'Can't risk.' He said.

The one who she loves... Yep, that was him. The person she loved after her parents. Now she had to sacrifice her memories once she faced Hades and Mal. Great.

'What happened? You.....

She hugged him. For the last time, she thought.

'Guys, I know a way to defeat Hades and Mal.' Jessica said, once they all gathered around a table. 'I have to sacrifice something.'

'Sacrifice what?' Miley asked.

'Can't tell right now.' Jessica said, choking back a sob. 'Too painful. But we must set to our journey.'

'But what?' Joshua asked.

'Trust me.' Jessica said. 'First, we have to go to Hades and Mal. Where do they live?'

'The woods, ofcourse.' Miley said. 'Well, you are right. We have to go, now.'

They walked to the woods. Jessica tried not to look at Joshua. Suddenly, everything turned black. Once it was visible, they saw Mal.... she looked the same like her mother.

'Ready for the sacrifice, Jessica?' she asked.

'Jessica, you have to tell me, what are you doing, now.' Joshua urged.

She ignored him. 'I am ready. Do it.'


Mal said something, and....

Jessica woke up. She was back in her apartment, clearly not remembering about Joshua, Magic, Disneyland.

2 weeks later.......

8.Author P.O.V

Miley paced back and forth. 'I have been trying!' She said. 'I showed him photos, tried to tell him..... but he thinks I am a pyscho!'

'I tried too.' Hazel said. 'But she doesn't remember, either. It's been two weeks. What are we gonna do?'

'We have to do something.....' Miley stopped. 'I have an idea!'

Miley and Hazel invited Jessica and Joshua to the same Cafe. It wasn't crowded, either. 

'Hey!' Jessica said, walking upto Hazel. 'So, what are you thinking of?'

'Oh, wait.' Hazel said. Joshua came walking upto them.

'Miley, what's going on?' He asked. 'Wait.... this is the girl you have been showing photos of.....'

'Uh, I don't know you.' Jessica said. 'But nice meeting you. Bye.'

'Wait, Jessica...' Hazel said.

'Gotta go.' She said. 'Recieved a call from my teacher.'

Hazel and Miley walked away, leaving a confused Joshua.

'Ughhh!' Hazel said.

'Did you give her the quiche?' Miley asked.

'Did that on the first day. Didn't work.' Hazel said. 'But I know what can bring them back: LOVE!!!!'

Miley rolled her eyes. 'They have forgotten each other.'

'I am sick of it.' Hazel said. 'I didn't imagine them living without each other.'

'The first time they met... they danced!' Miley said. 'Tomorrow, I and Joshua will come to Jessica's house. You be ready. We'll tell them there is a dance competetion.'

'Deal.' Hazel said.

The next day

'Why him?' Jessica said.

'Why her?' Joshua said.

'Uh, because you two are great dancers.' Miley said. 'Just do it, for me. Please.'

They danced. They both felt a tingling sensation- like they had done this before. Once they stopped, they stared into each other's eyes for like a second, but then looked away. 

'You are a great dancer.' Jessica said. 'Nice meeting you, again.'

'Thanks.' He said. 'But its too late. I have to go. Bye!'

Hazel and Miley got out of Jessica's house and giggled.

'Did you see that?' Hazel said. 'She blushed!!'

'Plan's working.' Miley said. 'But they only meet for like, minutes, and someone goes away. Like Jessica did in the Cafe..... and now Joshua.'

'Part of the curse.' Hazel said, sadly. 'But we have to keep them together. It's the least we can do.'

9. Jessica

Jessica was dancing with the boy- but something was unusual, because she was wearing a fluffy pink dress and heels, and Jessica never liked that fashion.

But then, she felt like her brain was burning. She was with the boy- And they leaned in.

Jessica woke up. It was still night, maybe 1:00 am. She gulped down some water. She didn't know who this boy was.... did she?

'Maybe I am hallucinating.' Jessica murmured. But she knew she wasn't. Something was wrong- like Hazel and Miley trying to get Jessica to talk to that boy- what was his name? Nevermind. 

After that, Jessica couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned on her bed, but couldn't sleep. Finally, she switched on her phone and went in chats. As she was scrolling down, smiling at the messages her friends had sent, she found it- Joshua. 

She clicked on the profile- yes, it was that boy. She had messaged him? She read the chat:

Joshua: Hiiiii

Jessica: Hey!

Joshua: Wassup?

Jessica: Nothing. Saturday night, and I am bored.

Joshua: So, if you don't mind, would you like to hang out with me?

Jessica: Sure

Joshua: OMG, really? last time I asked you, you said 'No.'

Jessica: Yes, really

Joshua: Thanks. Luv you.

Jessica: :o

Joshua: :p

Jessica: :D

Jessica blinked. She knew it was still night, but she messaged him: meet me tomorrow, 4pm, at my house. Please. It's important.

After what seemed like forever, Jessica finally got some sleep.

10. Joshua

Joshua quickly got ready and rushed to the cafe. Jessica was already sitting there, her face pale like she had seen a ghost.

'Hey.' He said as he sat down. 'Everything okay?'

'No.' She said. 'Did you see our chat?'

'Yes.' He said. 'It's like we know each other from a long time. And not only the chats, I have like, more than a dozen photos of you in my phone.' He hoped he didn't blush.

She put her hand on the table. 'It's like.... our memory is missing or something?'

He put his hand on hers. 'We'll figure it out.'

Then he noticed something- her locket. He touched it.

'Where did you get this?' he asked.

'Uh.... don't remember.' she said.

'My sister had given me this.' he said, 'and told me to give it to.... to my 'the one'.'

She sighed. 'This gets more weirder day by day.'

'Don't worry. I think we should talk to my sister and Hazel.' He said, as he caressed her hand.

11. Jessica

After a bit of talking, Jessica left the place. She could still feel the soft touch of his hand.

6:00 pm

Jessica's phone started ringing. She picked it up.

'Hey, what are you doing now?' Hazel was saying on the phone.

'Conjugating German verbs.' She said.

'Seriously?' Hazel said. 'On a Friday night?'

'Yeah.' She said. 'You may call me dorky, but I don't care. I love study......

'Okay, before you give me a lecture,' Hazel cut in, 'I have a surprise for you.'

Jessica rolled her eyes. 'Now what?'

'Come on the address I send you ASAP.' Hazel said.

'Ok, fine.' Jessica said as she hung up.

Jessica walked, following the address. Finally, she came to a lonely street, with a small cabin like thing in the middle.

'Hey!' Hazel said, walking upto her.

'I will punch you in the face.' Jessica said. 'You know I am claustrophobic. Stupid.'

'Oh, no I promise the cabin lights will be on.' Hazel said.

'If not' Jessica said, 'I am gonna kill you.'

Hazel blindfolded Jessica and led her into the cabin.

'What is going on?' Joshua was saying.

'I am not going in there.' Jessica said.

But Hazel pushed her in and closed the door. 'You can open your eyes.'

Jessica stifled a scream. Darkness. Small place. She was going to kill Hazel for doing this.

'Hey, are you okay?' Joshua said, coming towards her.

'Of course, I am not okay!' Jessica said. 'Within minutes I am going to panic and faint.'

'Uh...' He said, taking her hand. 'I don't know what this is, but don't panic. Take a....

Jessica hugged him. But.... she could remember! Flashes came in front of her eyes.

'Hey.' Joshua said. 'I can remember you!'

Hazel opened the doors. 'Plan worked?' She asked, Miley standing beside her.

Jessica hugged her. 'You are a genius!'

'Way to go, big sis!' Joshua said, as he turned to Jessica. 'Well, if you don't....

'I know what you are going to say.' Jessica said. 'Well, if you don't mind, would you like to hang out with me?' She said, imitating his voice.

'Haha, very funny.' He said, as they walked hand in hand.

Author P.O.V

'Are we still spying on them?' Hazel asked Miley.

'Of course, he is my small brother.' She said.

Finally, Jessica and Joshua stopped, and Hazel and Miley hid behind. They had reached Jessica's apartment.

'Tomorrow, 4:00pm.' She said.

He nodded. 'First, I want to ask you that why did you think that making the sacrifice would be good?'

'I thought..' Her voice faltered. 'I thought everything will be over. You will be able to live in peace.'

'Live in peace without you?' He said. 'Are you kidding me?'

'Sorry.' she said.

'Okay, promise me.' He said, 'You are not making any sacrifice without asking me first.'

'I promise.' She said, as they leaned in.

'Okay, I am going home.' Hazel said. 'My feet are killing me. See, they are saying goodbye now. Jessica went in her apartment, too.'

Joshua was coming walking straight towards them, his face red.

'You two were spying on us?'

'Uh....' Hazel said. 'Bye!'

A few days later, all of them thought that it was really over, because the cookbook was also gone. They realised that they were just in-betweeners, not protectors and they were happy about it. They needed a big break. But little did they know about the big problem lying ahead of them........

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