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Amanpreet Singh

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Amanpreet Singh

Drama Others

A White Monkey

A White Monkey

4 mins 23.8K 4 mins 23.8K

I was going into the jungle as I usually do. I had to cross a small jungle area to reach my school. I was accustomed to do such a thing as it had become my routine. But life is not always the same. It is not monotonous. It always brings twists and turns. It happened to me too.

One day, I was crossing the jungle. Suddenly, one big white monkey with a black face jumped on my back. It hung upon me placing both hands around my neck and its whole body at my back. I had never experienced such a thing in my life. My heart skipped a beat. “What the hell! From where it has come?”

“Is it going to bite me? Is it going to scratch my face with its claws? Now should I try to fight with it? What if it started fighting with me too? At least now it is not hurting me. How can I get rid of it? Don’t forget, it is already on my back, it can do me harm at any moment it wants.”

Unable to decide what I should do next, I continued to walk ahead without protesting its territory. The fear had gripped me tightly. Even then I managed to move on somehow. It felt as if it was enjoying my ride. I never thought one day a monkey would ride on my back and it might become dangerous also at any moment. It was the sole discretionary power of it to do whatever it liked with me.

I was also not only walking but also waiting for an opportunity to get rid of this predicament. Maybe it leaves me on its own. Maybe it finds any fruit nearby and leave me and jump to any tree that passes by. Mustering some courage, I went on moving on and on. 

After a couple of minutes, instead of leaving, it held me tightly. I became more frightened. I guessed it would leave me after some time but on the contrary, it was sticking to me more. “What the hell it wants! Why didn’t it leave me? I can’t give anything to it.”

Then the monkey brought its black face right close to my right cheek and it began to stick with me tightly. The problem had aggravated. But still, I could not do anything as it had become risky than ever. Its sharp teeth hidden inside its mouth were haunting me, that could pierce my neck at any time.

Taking the name of God, I continued my journey across the jungle, leaving everything in the hands of God. I prayed to God within my mind of minds, “Please save me, God. Please save me. I don’t want to die at least in my school days.” But I didn’t think God was with me.

Just in front of me appeared a huge monkey. It also had a white body and a black face. One was at my back and the other demon was right before me. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t even shout as it could annoy the mood of monkeys and I couldn’t even retaliate as they both seemed to be stronger than me. It was crystal clear. 

I took the wisest step. I slowed down my pace but continued my journey. I came close to the huge monkey, then closer, then more closer. Now, I was just about two feet away from the huge monkey. Neither the huge monkey in front of me attacked me nor the monkey at my back. I was patient, not fumbling to rescue my life.

Then suddenly, the monkey on my back jumped towards the huge monkey and left me. “But now what? Should I run? If I run, then it may disturb the peace of monkeys and it may disturb their mood and it may happen the monkeys become violent consequently. Acting wisely, I stood still observing their next action.

The huge monkey sat down to the ground. It didn’t do anything with me. The monkey which was at my back, it laid on the former lap. The huge monkey started caressing it. In no time, I realized the huge monkey was its mother. And the monkey which was at my back, it seemed to be sick.

Then I realized, actually, the monkey wanted nothing from me except some love and the warmth of my body. Unfortunately, it must have gone astray and away from her mother. Seeing no one around except me, it jumped at my back to feel some motherly love. And as it got its mother back, it went back to her.

All human beings and even animals need love for their survival. Sometimes, I feel without love, there is no life. Or we can say food gives us life and love adds colours to it. 

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