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Aradhana Sharma

Children Stories Tragedy


Aradhana Sharma

Children Stories Tragedy

A Letter

A Letter

3 mins

Dear Suraj,

This is the first time, I am writing a letter to someone. Before this, I wrote a letter only in exams while attempting ‘Letter Writing’ questions.

Hope you are doing fine. We were together since childhood; we both attended the same school and chose to go to the same University. Later fate brought us together again to work in the same company. But now you have decided to quit your job in order to relocate to a different city, I am writing here this to you.

When I look back on my school days, I can easily recollect when we were in class IV, and you ate the lunch of a girl at school, and when she complained of it, stating that only we both were there in the class, either of us had done it. You immediately protected yourself by saying you accompanied the other children soon after they left the class, thus, I was the one, who was punished for the act, the act that I didn’t do even.

And do you remember that incident, when we were sitting in the Examination hall in class VIII, you threw the paper slip with answers on it that you brought, towards my desk, when you saw the teacher walking around, I was caught with that slip and was punished.

I can never forgive you for that, my first crush, Neha, from our junior batch, remember her? When I told you, I had a crazy crush on her, you started dating her. It hurt me to see you with her. You made my first crush my first heartbreak. You are such a jerk.

When the new batch of freshers joined the college, you didn’t stop ragging them. I alerted you, but you didn’t take it seriously. And one day, you kept hitting the boy, so much so that he almost lost consciousness. I came in between and pushed you aside. You saw the Principal coming over and ran away. I was about to be expelled from college, but seeing my academic records, I was given second chance. You played with my career buddy.

And the things that I just wish should not have happened to me. You know that right? No need to mention those.

But you didn’t change at all. You are still the same.

In the office, you copied the program that I made and submit it before I could do. And I was considered as the one who copied your code.

You remember, I worked hard on a problem, and came up with an innovative solution, I was about to deliver that solution to the team, before which you asked me my idea and I told and you delivered my idea to the team like yours. Many more times, you tried to steal the credit for my work.

Having to endure this kind of treatment day in and day out was exhausting.

I want to tell you, I was being benevolent, not a pushover. Because you are my friend, and I mean it.

Take care


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