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Amanpreet Singh



Amanpreet Singh


A Confused Night With My Mom

A Confused Night With My Mom

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I and my mom, we both were sleeping in the room. After my dad passed away, we used to sleep in the same room. Everything was going normal until one night.

In the midnight, when I turned my side, my eyes got opened to see my mom sitting straight and still. I got perplexed. What had happened to my mom at midnight? I looked at the clock in the dim light. The clock has struck two a.m. I stood up a little and rested my body weight on my elbows.

“What happened, mom?” I said in a confused tone.

“I have been noticing you. You have not been doing any prayer or taking the name of God for about many days.” My mom said in a bit rude tone.

“What! Mom, you could have asked it in the daytime. Now you should sleep. And what is the meaning of discussing such a trivial thing at night!” I replied showing the mood that she asked a useless question.

“It is not a trivial matter. It is of significance.”

“Mom, actually, I have been noticing you for the past month. You haven’t prayed even a single day. If my memory serves me right, you never missed a day before.”

To my anxiety, my mom became silent at once. Then she began to growl at a low voice. I could not understand what the hell was happening late at midnight. Then suddenly her low growling changed into a horrible screaming! She screamed, screamed and screamed, continuously screaming at a stretch. 

The shiver ran down my spine. I understood it was something beyond my comprehension. I began to shout at her face, “Jai Santoshi Maa, Jai Santoshi Maa (the name of a Hindu goddess)”. First, she didn’t abate a bit. Then her voice slowly lowed down. Then she faded and lay on the bed. 

My whole body was trembling with fear. “What was that?” I could not sleep that full night. My eyes were vividly fixed on my mom. She could have done anything at any moment. I didn’t take the risk of even moving my eyes away from her. The clock struck six a.m. The rays of the sun entered our room. I heartily thanked God for it. 

Now, I was feeling safe because now I was in the lap of sun rays. My mind was telling me, “History is the witness, evil never appeared in the daytime.” Obviously, I got consoled by my mind and confidence reappeared in my veins. I was praying to God that History should not change at least for today.

But then my mom opened my eyes. I got terrified and at the same time, I got a red alert. My mom looked at me, “What happened Aman? Why are you looking so tense?” I kept mum. “What happened? You look so alert for me as if I am going to eat you today.” I didn’t utter a word.

My mom's face turned silent again. I was already serious. Silence prevailed for about two minutes. My mom was looking at me and I was looking at her. Then in a low voice, I asked, “Mom, what happened to you tonight?”

“Nothing, what happened to me? What can happen to me?”

“Don’t you remember anything mom?”

“Nothing happened. I was sleeping for the whole night. It was really a very tight sleep. Oh, yeah, but I had a bad dream, but the dream was very short.”

“What type of dream mom?”

“I don’t remember exactly. It was like, I was screaming at you. But I don’t know why? Leave it, son, it was just a dream. Why should we bother about it? I think it is time that I should prepare breakfast for you.” 

“Okay, mom.”

I didn’t say anything to mom thereafter. If everything became normal, why should I pick up the matter again and create a tense, sorry, a horrible atmosphere right in our house where we only two persons lived.

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